{My Engagement Photos}

Well, September is our Anniversary month and I am celebrating all month long! Last week I shared with you our engagement story – it was very fun to relive that moment again with everyone here! This week I want to share some of our official Engagement photos with you! It was very fun, and a little bit nerve-wracking, to take these pictures! I remember being so nervous, and I think it showed up in a few of the photos! My husband DIES at the pleated pants he wore {ha ha}.

And finally – a goofy one šŸ™‚

Engagement photos are a great way to “loosen up” a bit and practice for your wedding so that you feel more natural with your HUSBAND that day. They can also just be down right fun!

Here are some other great Engagement Photo Sessions I found around the internet:

My friend and Yours, Corianne from Band of Burtons, Currently 7 months Preggo {cute} but here is her engagement pictures {here}

One of my MOST stylish Friends, Jen from Life Lives Here, whom I WISH was preggo {come on you guys!!!} and her engagement pictures {here} {these are some of my faves of all time, in the SeattleĀ Library}

{A Cup of Jo}Ā {I wish I would have used a prop like that balloon or something – Corianne did that too – SO cool!}

{House Of Turquoise}

{Love the open feeling of these park pictures}

{How cute is THIS One Year Anniversary Shoot!!!} Such aĀ geniusĀ idea!

Next week I will share some wedding photos. Remember, this is a PRE-PINTEREST wedding.

Have a fantastic day!


2 thoughts on “{My Engagement Photos}

  1. Corianne

    Haha! A “pre-pinterest” wedding. I love that you disclosed that! I LOVE the last photo of you and B… and I will for sure be making fun of the pleats on GT. šŸ™‚ Love you guys.


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