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{PhotoBooths, Beards & baby presents}

I did something I have never done before! I created TWO photo booths for two different clients in TWO different states!


I am SO looking forward to seeing some pictures taken with these two backdrops – they were so fun to make!

Last night they had the booth at 252 Youth (our youth ministry at church) and since my friend Tyson also did comedy we had beards are booth to take pictures with in honor of Tyson.


I can wait to see the actual pictures!!!

You should follow Tyson on Instagram – he is one of the most funny guys I know – also has a heart the size of Texas.

It seems like I always have a project sitting and waiting to be done – this weekend I will start to make something for my friend Corianne from Band of Burton’s for her nursery! Her little guy is just weeks away from being born, so I have to get moving!!
(I will share pictures when I am done – I don’t want to ruin the surprise on here!!)

BTW – it is almost December!!! Can you believe it!! So looking forward to everything that the Christmas season brings!!! Zane is almost a year and a half this year so she has really gotten into celebrating – it has been so fun looking at lights and playing with all the decorations with her! I can’t wait to see her open a present this year!!!! And she is going to LOVE the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve, one if the most important things we do during the holidays! Looking forward to starting to creating new traditions this year, and enjoying all the old ones too!


{Christmas Advent Calendars}

Christmas is going to sneak up on us, if we don’t watch out. I was talking to Brandon and I don’t know if it is because we are getting older, or because we have a child, or because we seem to be very busy this season, but it feels like the holidays are sneaking up on us. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK folks. I have seen this done before, but always before I had Zane. Given her love for books, I am planning to do something like this for her this year!

I was reminded by THIS POST by Emily (Emphasis Added) that we have now less than 3 weeks to pull this together. AHHHHH!!!! Must get crackin!

Now, I don’t have enough money to purchase 24 full prices brand new books at the moment – but I am feeling like hitting the used book store and a few sales will do the trick! She may still be a bit to young to fully understand what is going on each day, but I am HOPING this becomes a tradition that she will grow to love. I want Zaner to be a reader like her Auntie Bekah or her Auntie Cindy. One way is to foster the fact that she LOVES reading books right now! We are hardly home two minutes before she will run to her tent – carefully choose a book to read, and sit on your lap, ready with anticipation. She always points out any sports balls or red balloons (Which I think it totally adorable!)

Going with the Theme of advent – here are a few others I found that I JUST LOVE {click on the picture to go right to the source!}

This picture on Pinterest goes straight to a website all in a language I don’t know. However, if you click on the picture here in my blog it will take you to a blog with a tutorial on someone DYI’ing!

This last one is probably one of my favorites, because you could use them every year and they would be big enough to fit everything from something for the whole family to enjoy, down to a verse form the Bible you want the family to think about that day. I will have to make some of these (although maybe not this year.)

At any rate dont forget to start celebrating – get in the holiday spirit – and remember the reason for the season to begin with!


{My Pre-Pinterest Wedding Photos}

Brandon and I celebrated 8 years this week – and it has been the best years of my life so far! We have fun together, he makes me laugh and we like to take risks which makes the journey that much more fun and unpredictable! Like I have said before – this is a pre-Pinterest wedding, so you will see no burlap or chalkboard paint or mason jars. Of course all Brides 8 years out could probably think of a few things you would change from that day. But mainly, I just remember being happy. And I still am! It is SO HARD to choose your “favorite” wedding pictures without feeling like you left something out, so there are a lot of pics here! Just hover over the picture to get a description.

So fun to look back and see all the wonderful people that supported us on that day, and many of the people that are still in our lives today.

Thanks for taking the time to look through these – it is fun to share. 8 years, going strong and looking forward to what is ahead!!! Love you Brandon! Happy Anniversary!

{My Engagement Photos}

Well, September is our Anniversary month and I am celebrating all month long! Last week I shared with you our engagement story – it was very fun to relive that moment again with everyone here! This week I want to share some of our official Engagement photos with you! It was very fun, and a little bit nerve-wracking, to take these pictures! I remember being so nervous, and I think it showed up in a few of the photos! My husband DIES at the pleated pants he wore {ha ha}.

And finally – a goofy one 🙂

Engagement photos are a great way to “loosen up” a bit and practice for your wedding so that you feel more natural with your HUSBAND that day. They can also just be down right fun!

Here are some other great Engagement Photo Sessions I found around the internet:

My friend and Yours, Corianne from Band of Burtons, Currently 7 months Preggo {cute} but here is her engagement pictures {here}

One of my MOST stylish Friends, Jen from Life Lives Here, whom I WISH was preggo {come on you guys!!!} and her engagement pictures {here} {these are some of my faves of all time, in the Seattle Library}

{A Cup of Jo} {I wish I would have used a prop like that balloon or something – Corianne did that too – SO cool!}

{House Of Turquoise}

{Love the open feeling of these park pictures}

{How cute is THIS One Year Anniversary Shoot!!!} Such a genius idea!

Next week I will share some wedding photos. Remember, this is a PRE-PINTEREST wedding.

Have a fantastic day!

{The Office}

So I have been spending a lot more time in my “Home Office” lately, and I am realizing that it needs a boost of… well…. anything really. It isn’t the creative, welcoming, comforting and inspiring place that I want it to be.

Nothing like airing your dirty laundry – THIS is a picture of my current office space. Pitiful. The wooden high chair that is used to catch mail, The frame around the plastic calendar “helps” but I never finished by putting the cork board up so I could pin inspiration up, and the rest of the wall is BARE BARE BARE.

So I spend some time on Pinterest this weekend, looking at some of the different, very lovely, office spaces and pinning them all onto a board right {HERE}.

Here are specifically some of my favorites:




One thing is for sure – they all have a wall collaged with beautiful artwork – things to inspire! So this is going to be my own personal project over the next few weeks, to get this office space more to my liking.

What is something that you have done in your work space that helps you stay creative and inspired? What is that ONE thing that you REALLY like about your “space”?

{Flash Friday}

{Where can I find this}

{Where can I find this}

Make this rainbow cake with natural dye!!

{Where can I find this}

{Where can I find out how to make this}

Look who finally has their baby boy –  Meet Edward Duke!

I know – I KNOW – but I she is just one of my FAVORITES and I am so happy for them! Giuliana & Bill have been trying {very publicly} to have this baby for a few years now, and after she was diagnosed with breast cancer it seemed like there would be NO option. I am so happy that it has all worked out for them!! Duke looks adorable! {via}

And My Pinterest Pick of the week:

You could to this idea on many different things! Great way to add texture and personalize anything – A good gift idea! You can find this {HERE} on my Pinterest Page. And if you haven’t already – give me a Follow on Pinterest {HERE}!

Have a Fantastic weekend – and make sure to do something that you LOVE!

{Here Comes the Bride!!!}

There are very few things that get me more excited than weddings. I LOVE love! Throw in a fall wedding with personal touches that really exemplify the bride and groom and are not just ‘run of the mill’ and I am over the MOON!

I met with a bride this weekend and I am so excited to be doing some projects for her for her wedding. Brit & Raleigh are very unique individuals – some of the coolest people I know. I got very excited as she described what her dream for her wedding is, and how I can help.

I have a few projects I will be doing for her wedding THAT IS NEXT MONTH {yikes I need to get moving!!!} but the one I am the most excited about is a  Photo Booth!!! I love photo booths at parties!!! It is such a great way to document the day! I made one for my daughters first birthday party {See post HERE} and I still love looking at all the pictures!!

B & R’s wedding is very eclectic, very industrial romance which is SO FUN to play with the hard and soft lines of metal and lace.

I will leave you today with a picture that signifies the color palate I will be working with…

Yummy right??? {except I have been told NO WHITE, so replace the white with cream!!}

I can’t wait to get started!!!