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{Melted Ice Cream and Marc Jacobs}

So have you ever run to the grocery store to pick up an item and been lured by your favorite ice cream on the end cap. Then you forgot something you needed at target, so you figure you will just run in really quick and grab your item so the ice cream will be fine, it is winter after all so it will be cold enough for 5 minutes. THEN you forgot that the Target/Neiman Marcus collab is released today and there is a Rose Gold leather pouch and a beautiful black scarf by your all time favorite designer, so you spend 30 or so minutes looking through everything, then painfully pulling yourself away to get your purchase and get home only to get to the car and THEN REMEMBER that you bought ice cream almost an hour ago. Ooops.


I am obsessed with Rose Gold currently, so this is basically my two obsessions colliding.

Off to my Christmas list it goes. ūüôā


{Scenes from the Weekend}

Thanksgiving was awesome – but I seriously took NO pictures. So this is all you get – a place setting.

Completed a Photo Booth and mailed it to Virginia. This is the first project I have done and then shipped. I learned a lot in the process. I cant wait to see the finished product! Also very thankful for  new friendship! I will tell you all about that when I get some pictures!

Black Friday for us consisted of being lazy around the house, eating leftovers, and then heading to Seattle for the Tree Lighting & some dinner with family. Zane loved loved loved being outside and running around the closed streets, even though it was cold and rainy.

Zane also helped Mimi set up Christmas around the house…

All in all it was a great weekend! Hope you got to celebrate with family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving – now it is time to start thinking about Christmas!!!! YIKES!

{The Circle – Half of my Heart}


I am joining a group of bloggers in a weekly challenge called ‘The Circle’ and each week we are going to post a picture that best interprets the chosen song title for the week.

This week is Half of my Heart by John Meyer. Of course, I have to post a picture about my bug. She is the joy of my life, the reason I feel like I can do ANYTHING in life. I was only HALF living before I had Zane, and I truly mean that.
When my daughter was born, I physically had pain in my chest, and I truly believe it was my heart expanding.

What I DON’T understand is how it works when you have another child. Maybe someday I will.

Now head on over to and see what Maggie has to say about this weeks song choice!

{It’s in the Water}

I found out some FANTASTIC news this week… my good friend Jen from Life Lives Here¬†is Pregnant! Ah, I love this season of life.

With Baby Burton right around the corner, this is proving to be a very exciting time for all of us!

Corianne has one of the best blogs, Band of Burtons, ¬†including a lot of writing about her pregnancy, how she feels about becoming a mom. She is a brilliant writer and of¬†course¬†ONE OF THOSE preggos that was barely ever sick and generally feels fantastic all the time. Yes, I know. Sometimes you want to just kick her in the shin. But you can’t kick a pregnant lady. SO I just hug her and hope that some of that rubs off on me if I ever have another one.

Jen is also proving to be the same way. Maybe some of it will rub off on me. Have you seen the movie “What to Expect when you’re Expecting”? Well, at this point, I feel like I was the blond who owned the shop and had a HECK of a time, meanwhile my friends are walking around in bikini’s and¬†stilettos¬†and they sneeze and the baby comes out (I am actually praying for this for them! LOL).

Ok – slight¬†exaggeration. All kidding aside I am TRULY happy that they don’t have to go through some of the really crappy stuff that makes you re-think if you want to go through it again – maybe it is because they are meant to have so many children??? ¬†(ha ha – I know, I know – let you get through this one first. Ok I will.)

All this to say – On this day, November 13, 2012 I am very happy. I love that our¬†circle¬†of friends is just getting bigger and adding more kids to the mix. Kids are¬†what¬†makes life WORTH IT sometimes. And I can’t wait for them to experience motherhood.

I am so excited for you BOTH!

And to the rest of us….. be careful – it seems to be in the water….

{Happy Birthday Katie!!}

One of my longest and best friends has her birthday today!!! We met when we were 12 and became fast friends. The rest is history! We have been¬†through¬†a lot – growing up, meeting MEN (we even dated the same guy once!), marriage,being pastor’s wives, the birth of our daughters and NOW getting OLDER together!

Happy Birthday Katie! I am So excited to be celebrating 31 with you tonight….er… I mean 29!!! I hope you have a fantastic day and get spoiled by your hubby and little munchkins! Looking forward to celebrating tonight with you!

{She bangs… She bangs….}


Well, I went with the bangs. And I have to say, from the moment she cut them I was glad I did. I have had bangs before, and I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I had them again!

Sure, I use more hair product now and it takes me a few min longer to get ready, but I will take it.

It is funny how a good hair style can help boost your confidence! I just feel better after cutting a few inches and getting some fresh color.

Women/Moms – but especially new moms – don’t neglect the importance of taking care of yourself – you owe it to yourself. It will make you a better mother/wife/lover and just basic all around human when you are not running on 0% all the time.

Next up on operation “take care of Lindsay” – a new bra – but I won’t be sharing that information in here {this isn’t THAT kind of blog!!! ūüėČ }

Have an amazing day! I know – it is Monday – but you CAN choose to make it a good one! Start with a smile!

{Flash Friday 7: What to do with my Hair Edition}

Today’s Flash Friday will be a bit different – you see I have a hair appointment today {Friday} and I at a bit of a loss for what to do. I have long hair with a touch of ombre on the ends. It is old & tired and I need something FRESH. You know I am sick of my hair when I start to wear a pony tail EVERY SINGLE DAY without question.

SO I am going to post a few pics here of things I like, and next week I will let you know what I decided on.

Ombre: To do or not to do. And then, IF I do, slight/drastic/rainbow bright? DO I cut bangs? And if so, to I do straight across or side-swept. 

**All of these images were taken directly from Google Images. A god-send when you are in hair crisis mode.

SO many choices…. And my appointment is at noon. The good thing is that it is just hair, it¬†grows¬†back, and if I don’t like it, I can always change it.