{Run, Walk or crawl… My Bucket List}

I did something crazy… I completed two half marathons within 25 days. I did a little bit of running, some walking, NO crawling and finished them both! The first was the LuluLemon SeaWheeze Half in Vancouver, BC and the second was the Labor Day half in Redmond WA. Here are some pictures from SeaWheeze:

The runners and our some of our cheerleaders!

Temp Tattoos at the race expo!

Race day – walking down to the race – this was both of my friends FIRST half marathon, and they both KILLED IT!

My sister and i stayed around for sun-set yoga that evening – AMAZING!!!!

So relaxing and refreshing doing yoga…on the beach… as the sun sets.. with 1000 of your closest friends.

Picture is a bit dark, but I couldn’t be more happy to have had this experience with my sister Bek/My best friend.

Kits Beach the next day…. stunning! I can’t wait to go back again!

I am so proud of my friend that did their VERY FIRST race – it was such a great time getting all of us together to do a race. I am pretty sure we have created a tradition. Anyone is welcome to join next year!

Now here are some pictures from the Labor Day half that I did with the Stewart Clan:

Early morning trek up to Redmond – barely awake but excited to be heading to the race!

The ladies waiting for the race to start…

Tebow-ing…SORRY I had to! Maybe it was because I was tired… maybe I was just too cold for any common sense….

My husband came up after the race had started with Zaner to cheer me on at the finish!

I usually don’t like to show finishing pictures – you do NOT look your best and I was feeling it at this point – but I am pretty proud I finished upright!

Here we all are – a couple of us even had PR’s!!

And finally… my two medals…. They are sitting by my bedside table!

These two races got me thinking…. what other goals do I have out there that are just passing thoughts that I need to start turning into realities…. So I am starting a “Bucket List” page on my blog for things that I want to accomplish.  Some of them are very basic things that I KNOW I will be able to do, I just need to do them, and some are rather lofty goals that will take, some planning, some preparation and some prayer to accomplish.

What are some goals in your life that you want to accomplish that are just out there, not writing down – just waiting for you to get serious about them?? Join me – start your list!!! Let me know you are, and let’s do it together!


6 thoughts on “{Run, Walk or crawl… My Bucket List}

  1. blessedroute

    Good for you! This was very inspiring to me! I just had my 4th child 1 month ago, and I have a goal of getting back into running. My first goal is a 5K on thanksgiving day! I hope to run a half marathon by the time she is one year old! Keep running, you are doing great!

    1. thelittleredhorse Post author

      Oh you totally can!!! Way to go on getting your goals set – I find that sometimes the hardest thing is to get that goal nailed down! Now make sure to keep it in front of you – write it down – blog about it – stay excited for it!!!

  2. tokyohamster

    Congrats that’s quite a feat!! I’ve been trying to start running recently. It seems like everyone who runs is so fit and happy that I wanted to join in 🙂 I’ve hit 5k (not straight running yet though), and I’m loving it 🙂 Hmm.. maybe it’s time to set a date for a marathon so I have more of a concrete goal… Great post!

  3. ashlyandmonkey

    Can’t believe u did two! I did the SeaWheeze race this year as well and plan to do it next year. I think I will sign up for the BMO Half Marathon as well here in Vancouver in May. Knowing someone else tackled two half marathons in one summer makes me feel like this is totally doable!

    1. thelittleredhorse Post author

      You can absolutely do it!!!! I IWLL tell you, that the SeaWheeze was like the Cadillac of all half marathons LOL – wasn’t that race SO MUCH FUN!!! They are not ALL that nice, but they are all fun none the less 🙂 Keep me up to date with what you are doing! I will be at SeaWheeze next year as well!!!


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