{He put a Ring on it}

September is a very special month for me – it is both my birthday {I am now 32!} and my Wedding Anniversary. This year my husband and I will be celebrating 8 years!!!

To celebrate, I am going to do a few special posts this month with pictures! Today, it is all about the engagement. That special time in a girl’s life when he finally puts a ring on it!

Brandon planned the whole thing {getting both of our families from MN and WA out to Colorado, at the same time, at a fancy dinner} without me suspecting a thing. Don’t look at me that way, I don’t know how he did it!

So both of our families and some great family friends were all at our Colorado vacation home in Frisco, and we had just celebrated Christmas together. It was December 30th, and we were now focused on New Years Eve coming up. I was bumming around the house in sweats, no make up, hair in a point tail and pretty tired. We had a big family dinner out planned that night, and I was NOT in the mood. I told Brandon and my Mom that maybe I would just stay home {FROM MY OWN ENGAGEMENT – UGGGG If I had only known!!!} I can imagine the chaos that was going on trying to get me to come. But my mom just casually said, “why don’t you just fix yourself up a bit and come with us, you will feel so much better if you do.” THANK GOD MY MOM IS SO SMOOTH –  I didn’t suspect anything.

We took the above picture right before we left for dinner {Gosh we look like kids}. It began to lightly snow on our way over, and it was such a beautiful night.

We all get seated, and ….this is where things get a bit blurry, so you will have to bare with me….. My dad stands up, and says that tonight we are celebrating the women in our life and then each of the Husbands proceeds to stand up, say something nice about their wife {or daughter} and then give them an Italian charm bracelet that had a charm on it specially picked out for them.  Conveniently, Brandon and I were seated last in the rotation. Brandon stood up and began to say something nice about me, and I wasn’t even listening… in my head I was thinking OH MY GOSH – this is it!! He is going to propose!! Of course why didn’t I see this coming!!! And then he finished what he was saying and sits down. Oh. He isn’t going to propose. WHY WOULD I THINK THAT. Stop freaking yourself out. Just enjoy the night.

I move on to opening up my charm {If you look at that picture, EVERYONE is staring at me waiting for my reaction}. The charm says “Marry Me” on it, but I couldn’t read it. I am struggling to read it, and meanwhile Brandon has gotten the ring out of his pocket, gotten down on one knee, and is tugging at my arm to look at him. But I am ignoring him, because I am trying to figure out what the charm says.

Finally, it all clicks.

I lose it. So does everyone else.

I ugly cried. Right there in the middle of this tiny little Bed and Breakfast dining area. I don’t remember what Brandon said to me, I just remember crying and saying YES and hugging. I was SO happy!

I don’t think I even ate dinner that night {which is a shame, because I think it was a really nice catered dish – no idea} I was busy calling all my friends and family telling them of the news!

Thanks for staying with me – this was fun for me to go back and relive this moment!!! It has been a few years {as you can tell by the pictures!!} I think we have all actually gotten BETTER with age!

Next week I will share some of our Engagement shoot. I just had a look at the pictures. We look 10. Should be fun!!


3 thoughts on “{He put a Ring on it}

  1. Corianne

    This made me cry! In all these years, I’ve never heard your engagement story! It sounds PERFECT, totally magical. My favorite setting: Christmas, snow, cabin, etc, etc. Ugh! Well done, Brandon! AND YOU GUYS HAVE A VACATION HOME IN COLORADO? Who are you? And when can we go?

  2. Becca Krzmarzick

    What a cute story! I’m hoping my guy puts a ring on it soon too. Maybe seeing your blog post is a sign… or not 🙂 Either way, thanks for sharing your story!


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