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{Shop with a Purpose!}

This weekend I participated in a GIRLS NIGHT OUT at the Bellevue Campus of our church, Champions Centre. It was such a fun time for ladies to come together around a great cause – helping OTHERS in this holiday season. We collected toiletries and pajama sets along with other basic needs that we all, quite frankly take for granted sometimes, and we put packages together for the kids at YouthCare and the women and children being cared for by The Genesis Project.


I also set up a booth with my Stella & Dot Stash, and decided to donate my commission from all sales that night to Champions Foundation.  Champions Foundation does so much for our community, both local and abroad and is very close to my heart. From making & serving meals to homeless youth once a month all the way to owning/operating a “Forever Home” for would be orphans in South Africa, the reach of Champions Foundation is unstoppable. However, everything that they do requires finances (obviously) and that is where you and I come in. The cool things about giving to Champions Foundation there is no overhead and 100% of the profit goes right back into reaching and making a difference in people’s lives. That is what I call Good Soil.

I raised $70.00 Friday night, which is great, but I want to GIVE MORE. So I am going to open this up for the rest of the week, until this Friday December 7th, if you make a purchase through THIS LINK, I will donate my commission to Champions Foundation. My first goal is a $150.00 donation, but if I could even double THAT it would be awesome! There are so many great options for Christmas gifts, and if you order this week, you will still have time to get your gifts by Christmas!

I am going to give you a few examples of my favorites for gifts (from left to right):

Earrings: Serenity Small stone drops in Gold, Signature Clover Chandelier, Rhea Hoops, Vintage Studs SHOP HERE

IMG_2555Statement Bracelets: Renegade Cluster in Gold, Odette Cuff, Secret Garden Cuff, Studded Trifecta wrap SHOP HERE

IMG_2552My favorite necklaces: Rebel Pendant, La Folie (Green), Avery Chain & Pearl, Contessa Jade SHOP HEREIMG_2553GREAT GIFTS: Love Bracelet ($19), Tribute Bracelet ($36), Hope Bracelet ($32), Elizabeth bracelet ($29) SHOP HEREIMG_2550

Stella & Dot is excellent quality, lead & nickel free (great for sensitive skin), always 5.95 for shipping, and they have the Delight guarantee which means if you don’t like it, return it for something you DO LIKE.

So go to this website here and do some Christmas shopping, birthday shopping or just get something for yourself – and know full well that you are doing something GOOD in the mean time! Lets BLASt past my fundraising goal (and get pretty in the meantime!)

Thank you all in advance for your participation! YOU are helping making a difference!


{Wheeler Wedding Photo Booth}

Well, it was QUITE a weekend full of weddings, family and FALL!!! Friday night was the Wheeler Wedding – and I did the Photo Booth back drop for them. It turned out pretty good I think! I was happy with it. The photo booth was also used on Saturday night for a wedding of a Bride I didn’t even know! She was having a wedding in the same space as B & R and we offered to have her use it since it would already be there! I am hoping to see some pictures, maybe from BOTH weddings! I am just super excited that all that work didn’t go to waste! I will post pictures when I get some!

Saturday, my parents came in to visit for the day – they headed to Whistler for the week to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday! They will be back next weekend to spend a few days with us. We got to have lunch at a local favorite, and then did some walking around downtown. Fall has officially arrived, and I don’t mind ONE BIT.

I also started a few projects tonight for the Holiday bazaar I am involved with next month, as well as a special something for baby Kenzie’s first birthday! So excited to celebrate with them next week!Have an awesome day!


{Here comes the Bride!}

Today is my friend’s wedding, and the photo booth that I have been working on for the last few weeks is DONE – ready for some great shots tonight at the wedding! There will be a more complete post on Monday about this hopefully with some pictures with the Bride, but for now, here is a sneak peek!

{Free download for my office upgrade}

Even though I have been very busy, updating my office space at home has still been on the forefront of my mind. It is something I am always thinking about and looking for ideas, but I do think that it will take some time.

If you remember {this} original post, I talked about wanting to upgrade my drab office area – make it more inspirational. One of the ways I want to do that is make a picture collage on the bare wall above the computer. But deciding WHAT will be in the frames you hang is VERY important.

I found this FREE download from Catherine at Design Editor and I KNEW that I had to have it on my wall!

 I am so excited to add these to my wall!! I have really been trying to work on taking my camera everywhere I go, and actually TAKING PICTURES with it too. These old camera pictures are just very inspiring to me, and I think it will be great motivation, not to mention I love the nostalgia I feel when I see them! I am also excited to explore her site more – she has some GREAT ideas!

{Flash Friday 4}

Have you heard of Lulu & Georgia yet? They have a {blog} too! I will take one of everything.

My new friend Hector Perez took these pictures of the new Seattle’s Great Wheel this week – OH how I want to go see it so badly!! Sounds like a FUN fall thing to do with a latte in hand. I feel a date coming on 🙂

This is quite possibly one of the CUTEST little birthday parties I have seen in a long time – I want to do this for Zane someday. See full party pictures {here}

Well, I bought these boots ONLINE from Target – I have been wanting some booties for this season, and when Nicole from An Eye for Pretty shared her purchase, I had to give them a try. Right now Target online is buy one get one 50% off and free shipping over $50.00. In order to take FULL advantage of these deals, I bought the grey & black pair {don’t tell my husband!} but the total with tax was only $46.00! Not bad if I end up liking them. Target does have free returns in the store if you end up getting them and not liking them. I am excited to try them out!

How cute would {these} be at a party – choose your own animal! 🙂

{Rampizi Antiques & Collectibles}

Friday night I went to a CD release party for a friend. As we were parking I saw a sign for an antique store still open, so I begged my hubby to take me just for a few minutes before the party.

We entered into a world known as Rampizi. ONLY pictures could do this place justice.

The picture above is looking up he ramp, before we went up. Below is the picture looking back down the ramp. From the beginning of the ramp there is something EVERYWHERE you turn.

The freakish thing to me, and what made me feel a *bit* like I should call my family and tell them where I was and maybe pull out my iPhone and check-in incase my body went missing {so they would know my last known location} was the suit coats hanging from the ceiling. EVERYWHERE. There are hundreds of them. Maybe I watch a little bit too much CSI or Criminal Minds – but they seem a bit too much like “souvenirs” if you know what I am saying.

It was an old abandoned warehouse that he has FILLED. I was seriously half freaked out, and half wanted to ask for a job {my husband wouldn’t let me LOL}.

Meet David Norton:

This is ALL his collection. Upon meeting him in one of the corners of the warehouse, we struck up a conversation and I asked him if I could take a picture of him for my blog – he insisted that it MUST be of him playing his drums, rushed over and turned on a jazzy bluesy kind of song, and started playing along with the track as I snapped a few photos. He is seriously the NICEST man!

David has SUCH a collection you could NEVER get through it in one day. I want to go back and see what he has in the way of old maps. But I wont be going by myself – anyone care to join me?!?!?

{Flash Friday 2}

 V-neck Onsie… you can find them {HERE} Corianne

I first saw these maps on this blog {here} and you can buy them {here}

{Five things to do with your Denim Shirt}

{Make your Own Mercury Glass}

I WANT {THESE} so bad!!

{LOVING MAPS this week, so here is one more DYI cut out Map of your city}

Would YOU wear a Paint Chip necklace. I might wear {THIS} one

I hope I have sparked at least a *touch* of inspiration for your weekend! Make it a good one!

{The Office}

So I have been spending a lot more time in my “Home Office” lately, and I am realizing that it needs a boost of… well…. anything really. It isn’t the creative, welcoming, comforting and inspiring place that I want it to be.

Nothing like airing your dirty laundry – THIS is a picture of my current office space. Pitiful. The wooden high chair that is used to catch mail, The frame around the plastic calendar “helps” but I never finished by putting the cork board up so I could pin inspiration up, and the rest of the wall is BARE BARE BARE.

So I spend some time on Pinterest this weekend, looking at some of the different, very lovely, office spaces and pinning them all onto a board right {HERE}.

Here are specifically some of my favorites:




One thing is for sure – they all have a wall collaged with beautiful artwork – things to inspire! So this is going to be my own personal project over the next few weeks, to get this office space more to my liking.

What is something that you have done in your work space that helps you stay creative and inspired? What is that ONE thing that you REALLY like about your “space”?

{Flash Friday}

{Where can I find this}

{Where can I find this}

Make this rainbow cake with natural dye!!

{Where can I find this}

{Where can I find out how to make this}

Look who finally has their baby boy –  Meet Edward Duke!

I know – I KNOW – but I she is just one of my FAVORITES and I am so happy for them! Giuliana & Bill have been trying {very publicly} to have this baby for a few years now, and after she was diagnosed with breast cancer it seemed like there would be NO option. I am so happy that it has all worked out for them!! Duke looks adorable! {via}

And My Pinterest Pick of the week:

You could to this idea on many different things! Great way to add texture and personalize anything – A good gift idea! You can find this {HERE} on my Pinterest Page. And if you haven’t already – give me a Follow on Pinterest {HERE}!

Have a Fantastic weekend – and make sure to do something that you LOVE!

{Run, Walk or crawl… My Bucket List}

I did something crazy… I completed two half marathons within 25 days. I did a little bit of running, some walking, NO crawling and finished them both! The first was the LuluLemon SeaWheeze Half in Vancouver, BC and the second was the Labor Day half in Redmond WA. Here are some pictures from SeaWheeze:

The runners and our some of our cheerleaders!

Temp Tattoos at the race expo!

Race day – walking down to the race – this was both of my friends FIRST half marathon, and they both KILLED IT!

My sister and i stayed around for sun-set yoga that evening – AMAZING!!!!

So relaxing and refreshing doing yoga…on the beach… as the sun sets.. with 1000 of your closest friends.

Picture is a bit dark, but I couldn’t be more happy to have had this experience with my sister Bek/My best friend.

Kits Beach the next day…. stunning! I can’t wait to go back again!

I am so proud of my friend that did their VERY FIRST race – it was such a great time getting all of us together to do a race. I am pretty sure we have created a tradition. Anyone is welcome to join next year!

Now here are some pictures from the Labor Day half that I did with the Stewart Clan:

Early morning trek up to Redmond – barely awake but excited to be heading to the race!

The ladies waiting for the race to start…

Tebow-ing…SORRY I had to! Maybe it was because I was tired… maybe I was just too cold for any common sense….

My husband came up after the race had started with Zaner to cheer me on at the finish!

I usually don’t like to show finishing pictures – you do NOT look your best and I was feeling it at this point – but I am pretty proud I finished upright!

Here we all are – a couple of us even had PR’s!!

And finally… my two medals…. They are sitting by my bedside table!

These two races got me thinking…. what other goals do I have out there that are just passing thoughts that I need to start turning into realities…. So I am starting a “Bucket List” page on my blog for things that I want to accomplish.  Some of them are very basic things that I KNOW I will be able to do, I just need to do them, and some are rather lofty goals that will take, some planning, some preparation and some prayer to accomplish.

What are some goals in your life that you want to accomplish that are just out there, not writing down – just waiting for you to get serious about them?? Join me – start your list!!! Let me know you are, and let’s do it together!