**Image taken from A Touch French Facebook page

33 Ways to Stay Creative

As I was searching through Facebook today, I found a page called “A French Touch” and naturally, because I love all things French, I “Liked” their page and took a look at what they had to offer. Here is their page:


I ran across a post that they added a few days ago and I LOVED it so much I had to add it to my blog.

Some of these could go in a lot of different directions and are up for interpretation.

The ideas that stood out to me the most were:

  • #13 – a main reason I have started the blog and Facebook page – I want to make some new friends and surround myself with people who are doing great things!
  • #17 – looking for some new pieces JUST so I can try new techniques and LEARN
  • #33 – I am the QUEEN of starting something and not finishing it – so that is something I will be working on… FINISHING my projects! {And my husband will say Thank you God}

So which numbers stuck out to  you the most? Anything you will be working on to stay creative?



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