Life in a Cage…

Last year I went to the Packwood flee markets with my sister Bekah and we found some great things – some things I have yet to do anything with…. All in time…. but this post will be about the lovely little  fixer-upper birdcage I found. You can see it right there in the middle of the picture. It has like a weird nest looking thing in it – which I suppose it could have been considering it is a bird-cage. None the less, the nasty nest was the first thing to go! I bought the cage as a gift for my Mother-in Law Marsha, but it was very dirty and needed a few things repaired. I bought it for $6.00 I think.

So I cleaned it up, fixed it up and added some white paint (Valspar Flat Latex Paint in Antique White)

She now uses it for multiple times of the year in her decor- putting different themes into the birdcage, depending on the season. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to something! I share this project with you not because it was hard, but to hopefully inspire you to see what around you could use a coat of paint, a little sprucing up.

Stay tuned for a post about a “dirty laundry” basket I made for a friends Bachelorette party! This is a fun DIY project that is fun to personalize and give to your friends!

Have a fantastic evening!


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