{Celebrating Papa Joe}

Today, we get the rare chance to celebrate the life of a man who made a difference everywhere he went. Often times when someone goes to be with the Lord, the sadness can feel unbearable. But with Papa Joe, he left such a legacy of happiness and encouragement, I almost feel like he would be mad if we did anything BUT celebrate. His family has been a true example of God’s peace and grace through this whole experience.

Reflecting back this past week on the mark he left in my life, I realize that very few people have the ability that Joe possessed to become best friends with ANYONE almost instantly. He could, and would, talk to anyone. Everyone was a celebrity in his eyes, and nothing was more important than genuinely making you feel that way. He was the epitome of the word LOVE.

Brandon and I share our wedding anniversary date with Bonita and Joe, and it was always in the plans to celebrate with them one year in the future. One thing that I take away from today is DON’T WAIT. Don’t wait to tell someone that you love them {and tell them EVERY DAY}. Don’t wait to take that trip or meet up with those friends. Don’t wait to make a difference in someone else’s life. Joe didn’t.

My husband wrote a wonderful blog post HERE reflecting on what Joe meant to him (and most of us).

You can view his obituary HERE. It is so beautifully written, it is more a tribute to his legacy than anything. Truly moving.

Joe, we will miss you, and I look forward to standing in line for a bear hug from you in heaven!


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