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{Christmas Advent Calendars}

Christmas is going to sneak up on us, if we don’t watch out. I was talking to Brandon and I don’t know if it is because we are getting older, or because we have a child, or because we seem to be very busy this season, but it feels like the holidays are sneaking up on us. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK folks. I have seen this done before, but always before I had Zane. Given her love for books, I am planning to do something like this for her this year!

I was reminded by THIS POST by Emily (Emphasis Added) that we have now less than 3 weeks to pull this together. AHHHHH!!!! Must get crackin!

Now, I don’t have enough money to purchase 24 full prices brand new books at the moment – but I am feeling like hitting the used book store and a few sales will do the trick! She may still be a bit to young to fully understand what is going on each day, but I am HOPING this becomes a tradition that she will grow to love. I want Zaner to be a reader like her Auntie Bekah or her Auntie Cindy. One way is to foster the fact that she LOVES reading books right now! We are hardly home two minutes before she will run to her tent – carefully choose a book to read, and sit on your lap, ready with anticipation. She always points out any sports balls or red balloons (Which I think it totally adorable!)

Going with the Theme of advent – here are a few others I found that I JUST LOVE {click on the picture to go right to the source!}

This picture on Pinterest goes straight to a website all in a language I don’t know. However, if you click on the picture here in my blog it will take you to a blog with a tutorial on someone DYI’ing!

This last one is probably one of my favorites, because you could use them every year and they would be big enough to fit everything from something for the whole family to enjoy, down to a verse form the Bible you want the family to think about that day. I will have to make some of these (although maybe not this year.)

At any rate dont forget to start celebrating – get in the holiday spirit – and remember the reason for the season to begin with!



{Ah, November.}

Ah……. November.

I simply LOVE the fall…. the color of the leaves, a warm Starbucks in my hand (that actually isn’t making me sweat through my sweater because there is a nice breeze) and the random bouts of Christmas music that I allow myself to play every now and again (I don’t go full christmas music until closer to thanksgiving).

Before I can fully move on to November, I need to button up October with a few CUTE pictures from last night’s Halloween extravaganza! My church, Champions Centre, did a Halloween event called Extreme Halloween at both our of campuses (Tacoma & Bellevue).  I helped put together a photo booth for Tacoma, and decorated a trunk for “Trunk or Treat” in Bellevue. Tacoma did an “Under the Big Top” theme and it was awesome!!!!

We had “Trunk or Treat” up in Bellevue and going with the theme from Tacoma, we decorated our car with a bit of a circus flare! My favorite car was by my friend Shanna – She decorated her “lady-bug!” SO cute!

Miss Washington 2012 was in Bellevue helping us celebrate, and she really wanted a picture with Zane (the  cutest little giraffe there ever as). Too bad Zane was LESS than impressed with all the sparkle. I think she was just tired out from running all around playing all the games. We still took a picture though! 🙂

Hope you had an amazing Halloween, and that you are not stuck with too much candy left over!!!

Welcome to November – bring on Thanksgiving!

{A visit, a First Birthday and I won!}

This is a Hodge podge of the last few weeks of my life. I am catching you up, if you will 🙂

My parents came out to visit for a week and celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. I am resolving to take more pictures in my life, HOWEVER I failed miserably at that while they were here. The nice thing is we did LOTS of relaxing and hanging out, and TONS of laughing. I did manage to snap this picture right before they left – my daughter in this picture just kills me. Zane is a hoot every day. We have so much fun.

Last Friday evening, one of my best friends proved to be much more crafty and creative than she likes to let on 🙂 Above is Katie pictured with her sweet daughter Kenzie – Kenzie turned 1!! Katie threw her a Technicolor dream party! It was AWESOME! Particularly the rainbow cake she made. It was incredible to say the least!It was super sweet, but was perfect for a sweet treat to celebrate a first birthday!I think Kenzie liked all the colors! She is an early to bed kind of baby, but she did really great and was a very hospitable host for her party 🙂For the party, I made Kenzie a Rainbow shirt to help her celebrate, and YES I was totally that mom and made my daughter one too so they could be matching. WHAT?!?!?!? We can only do that for so long before they start to roll their eyes at me!! I am going to make some of these shirts for the holiday bazaar I am involved with middle of November. Should be fun! Now taking custom orders!

Lastly – I WON A BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! It is the first time I have ever won one! It was from one of my new blog friends Janean from Umbrella By the SeaThe box came in the mail today, and I was so excited! There is some great bakers twine, little snack cups, just a whole bunch of cute random stuff {including Jelly Belly’s – HELLO!!}. I am looking forward to finding things to do with everything! There is a three piece chalk board I am thinking about using to advertise at the holiday bazaar. We will just have to see. All of this winning a give-away has me thinking I need to set up a give away soon!!! It is so much fun!!

Have a GREAT day today! Happy Halloween – don’t eat too much candy!!

{My Village}

I am writing this post as I sit and think about all of the friends and family that I have in my life right now that have helped me through the ever-changing season that is parenting a child.

I have some AMAZING friends who I can really be myself around, and we can chat about anything.

On Friday, I sat around with a few very close mommy friends, and as we all began to share, one thing became very clear. Most of us moms think we are going to go crazy, feel insecure about one thing or another in our parenting capabilities, and just generally can feel alone in how we feel. And the amazing thing is that WE ALL feel this way at one point or another. It is when you get together and talk things out you realize that no, you are not alone. No, you are not the ONLY one that feels this way. And NO, you are NOT weird for feeling like you just might go crazy.

Here is the deal. All of us moms – We are already all crazy. You don’t need to worry any more about “going crazy”. If you have a child, you are already there 🙂 It is all about building a community around you so that you are not alone.

It was SO refreshing to sit and gab with my friends about what Zane was doing right now, and how I felt lost when it comes to discipline at this age (effective discipline). It was so nice to chat with ladies who have already been where I am so that they could help light the way for me. And, let’s be honest.  Sometimes, you are just wanting to hear that you are not alone, and that someone else has totally been through that before. (and bonus, they survived!)

I also love being able to talk to friends who are just starting out in this crazy ride called parenting, and bring them along side for the ride. We can all learn from each others experience. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my friends that I have met at church. People going the same direction I am going, with the same goal in mind.

It takes a village to raise a child – this is what they are talking about. You need your “people”. They are with you thick and thin and encourage you every step of the way.

So who is in your village?

{Rain boots and Polka Dots}

Zane wanted to play outside SO BAD this evening when I got home from work – she was being quite hysterical. So Mimi and I gave in, grabbed her rain-boots and jacket, and let her run around a little bit. {It is so hard to get a picture of her in focus because all she does is run!}

This next picture is when I told her to hold still and give me a smile…..Basically the best I can get.

The boots are a little bit big, which proved problematic for a running toddler.All in all a fun evening, and I think we will be spending many evenings playing in the rain! I love my little outdoor girl!

{Feeding Zane, my 15 month old}

Does anyone else have a 15 month old that wont eat anything?

Oh, sorry, I take that back. She will only eat peas and cinnamon toast.

I am doing some hard-core research on this today, trying to figure out how to help my 15 month old eat. I want her to have nutritious food and to give her variety, but I am kind of at a loss.

A few good resources I have found so far:

Weelicious: Facebook Website Pinterest – she had LOTS of food recipes and choices – I am sure SOMETHING is bound to sound good to Zane.

What to Expect: Toddler Eating Habits

This has been a very frustrating time for me right now, because I spend time making her different foods, and she just spits it out, throws it on the floor and spreads it around her high chair.  I know that this is just all a part of her learning to eat & struggling with teething, but in that moment it doesn’t make it any easier.

Any thoughts you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

I have to go now, and get Zaner up from her nap and try to feed her some lunch. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I am going to need it.

{Babywise: The Book that Saved our Sleep}


As I write this blog, my husband and I are laughing because my 15 month old daughter is in her room, SNORING so loudly. We have been so blessed with a sound sleeper. But I really do attribute her sleeping through the night to one thing – The book Baby Wise.

I read this blog post yesterday from A Cup of Jo about sleep training, and I decided I had to share my experience because it was a bit different, but some of the same principles apply.

My story is different from Joanna from the standpoint that I came across this book, and decided to start with a schedule right from the start. The principal is that after the first few weeks, if you get your baby on a good feeding/waking time/sleeping schedule during the day, you can also get them on a sleeping through the night schedule fairly early on. This worked perfectly for me as a mom who had to head back to work a few weeks after giving birth. Having Zane on a schedule meant that she could be cared for by someone else, and as long as they understood the schedule {it wasn’t difficult} then they would have a breeze of a time with her.

I do think that every single baby born on the earth is different, and some babies this possibly wont work for. It really has to work for both baby and parent. You have to really be willing to put in a few weeks of staying in a schedule, sticking to it through everything that you go through in the first month or so of having a baby {including people who don’t agree with how you are scheduling your newborn} but if you can make it through, you will have a well rested and happy infant ready to play and interact during the day, and sleep  in their own crib during the night.

The purpose of this post isn’t to go through and highlight points from the book – but to hopefully introduce the book to someone who has never heard of it before,and hopefully at least get you thinking about the possibilities of your newborn/infant sleeping through the night. Being tired comes with the parental territory, But if there is ANY way to cut down on the amount of sleepless or interrupted nights, I am ALL for it! You don’t have to be an A-type personality or even super strict once the schedule is in place. We were always making modifications to fit our busy lifestyle, but the main principles remain. I am aware of how controversial this topic can be, but I want you to know what worked for us.

So lets talk – have you tried Baby Wise or another sleep training book? Or maybe you didn’t? Do you wish you would have? Are you a new mom or soon to be mom sorting all of this out? Let me know your thoughts! I would love to have some open discussion about this!

Some resources for you:

A blog dedicated to quick tips in following the baby wise book, and the subsequent books in the series: Chronicles of a BabyWise Mom

A Cup of Jo: Motherhood Mondays: Sleeptraining

What to Expect: Getting baby on a Schedule


{A Night at the Circus}

Last night we had a bit of an impromptu play night in the back yard – my daughter LOVES to play in the back yard, and when I saw the sun setting so beautifully I just had to snap some shots. I am TRYING to be better about taking photos of Z – she is just growing up so fast. Did you know she plays hide and seek now?

It was VERY hard to get a picture of her face without it being blurry {because she is just running around so stinkin fast these days} let alone a smile, but I CAUGHT ONE!

Towards the end she just wanted to tip her tent over, which of course made her laugh and laugh. Goodness she is so much fun.Hope you are getting out and enjoying these last few days of good weather…. it will be sweaters, boots and scarves before we all know it!

{Seven Things Award}

SO fun – I was nominated for an Award! Thank you so much to my new blog friend over at Now at Home Mom for thinking of me!! This is my first blog nomination, so it makes me a little excited! 🙂

The award is called “7 Things about me Award” and as you can guess, along with it, I must tell you 7 things about me! 🙂

1.  My daughter, Zane, is 14 months. I was almost in tears all day watching the “First day of School” pictures posted online all day. I can’t imagine the day I send Zaner to her first day of School. Crazy.

2. I am half city dweller and half mountain goat. What does that mean? I love to wear the tallest heels and go out for apps with friends just as much as I love a good long hike in the mountains where I get a little mud on myself and tan lines to prove my outdoorsiness. {I know, not a real word}

3. I feel like I have DIY superpowers – I blame this on Pinterest and the ease at which you can browse blogs, but I really feel like I can accomplish any DIY project that I wanted to.

4. My dad used to ride his bike behind mine and force me to ride longer than I wanted to. He would ride behind me and shout encouraging things to me like “You can do it” and “keep those legs moving” and I totally hated it. Then. I could really use the encouragement sometimes now on long workouts. Too bad he lives in MN.

5. I have been married 8 years this month, and sometimes it really only feels like 1. I am in love.

6. Also, I turn 32 this week. Time flies when you’re having fun. I don’t feel old.  Sometimes I feel old now. Like when I get up after sitting for a few minutes and I have to stretch my legs.  Also – I am getting near the age where I would be too old to be a character on the show “FRIENDS”. This is not ok.

7. I have taken a few risks over the past few months, and I am hoping they pay off. I actually am having fun taking risk. You should try it!

Here are the bloggers that I am passing on a nomination to because I think they are simply FAB and I want you to meet them!!!

Band Of Burtons

Emphasis Added

Jones Design Company {She has blog class I plan on taking this fall!!!}

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Oh Happy Day

***The Fine Print: Here are the Rules 

*******Thank the Blogger who nominated you!!******* Tell everyone 7 things about yourself because everyone is dying to know what makes you tick!******* Choose 7 blogs, or a number of your choosing, to nominate. Post on their page that you have nominated them.*******

So that is it! Thank you again Now at Home mom! I really appreciate the shout out!

{The Hills are Alive…. with the Sound Of Music!!!}

If you are from Washington, then you know that we have been having our three days of summer this week, and although I admit, my tan is coming along quite nicely, I am SO not in love with constantly sweating.

Today was supposed to be the worst, so we decided to get out-of-town, literally, and head up to the mountain to try out my mother’s day present (a hikers/ child carrier back pack). I was excited to see how Zane would do.

We got Zane a pair of Keens, because what else would a pint-sized hiker need?


We had a lot of fun – it was totally gorgeous up on Mt. Rainer, and we made sure to stay hydrated (I think this was Zane’s favorite part).

We did a nice and easy 4 miles just past Shadow Lake just to get used to wearing the pack with a baby in it. I can’t wait to get up on the mountain and do some hiking with Zane again!!!