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{The Circle – How Country Feels}

This week the song chosen was ‘How Country Feels’ by Randy Houser.

The first few lines about how the girl in the song grew up in a concrete jungle got me thinking about how I really want Zane to grow up not just experiencing one “side” of life. I don’t want her to just be a city girl, too good for outdoors and “how country feels”. Does that make sense? I grew up in the midwest (MN) and my mom raised us to love dressing up just as much as we loved exploring the pond in our back yard, coming home covered in mud.

DSC_0195I am like that to this day – I love dressing up in heels and sparkles and going out JUST AS MUCH as I love to hike up on Mt. Rainer and get some dirt under my nails…. and I cant wait to do it all with her.

Make sure to check out to Maggie at ‘Emmy In Charge‘ to complete {The Circle}!

Oh, and I get to pick the song this week!!! EEEEk! Which song SHALL I choose – hard decision. I will let you know Sunday night!


{The Hills are Alive…. with the Sound Of Music!!!}

If you are from Washington, then you know that we have been having our three days of summer this week, and although I admit, my tan is coming along quite nicely, I am SO not in love with constantly sweating.

Today was supposed to be the worst, so we decided to get out-of-town, literally, and head up to the mountain to try out my mother’s day present (a hikers/ child carrier back pack). I was excited to see how Zane would do.

We got Zane a pair of Keens, because what else would a pint-sized hiker need?


We had a lot of fun – it was totally gorgeous up on Mt. Rainer, and we made sure to stay hydrated (I think this was Zane’s favorite part).

We did a nice and easy 4 miles┬ájust past Shadow Lake just to get used to wearing the pack with a baby in it. I can’t wait to get up on the mountain and do some hiking with Zane again!!!