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I have seen a lot of comments on Facebook or on blogs saying “Wow – you are really a SUPERMOM” or “HOW do you do it all” and it has had me thinking lately…

The way I look at it – if you are a mom, you ARE a supermom. The days that I get Zane up, get her dressed and either cook or clean or complete a project, those are usually the days that Zane didn’t wake up five times the night before. And trust me – if you could see my hair today, you know KNOW that last night wasn’t one of those nights.

We do this to ourselves all the time – we look at everyone else’s highlight reel, and compare it to our outtakes/behind the scenes. And things like social media and PINTEREST make it that much easier for us to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE social media and how connected it can make us, but was I am talking about when we get into comparing. I have such admiration for moms in general. I have an appreciation for moms that I feel you only can have once you BECOME a mom. Lets face it – being a mom is one of the MOST rewarding things in life. But it is also CONSTANT hard work. Sometimes we hit the nail right on  the head – everyone had a nutritious dinner, had matching clothes that fit and went to sleep without a hitch. And then then there are the times that we are throwing french fries to the back seat hoping the kids get a few as you race to get to somewhere, only to realize your child only has one shoe on, and the shirt they put on is two sizes too small.

I say all of this to say – Take a breath, grab that Grande Latte {or maybe a Venti!} and face each day knowing that you are going to do YOUR BEST – it isn’t always perfect, it isn’t always pretty but who said that being a mom would be! Give yourself some grace, say a prayer and know that you are a SUPERMOM!!


{The Circle – Half of my Heart}


I am joining a group of bloggers in a weekly challenge called ‘The Circle’ and each week we are going to post a picture that best interprets the chosen song title for the week.

This week is Half of my Heart by John Meyer. Of course, I have to post a picture about my bug. She is the joy of my life, the reason I feel like I can do ANYTHING in life. I was only HALF living before I had Zane, and I truly mean that.
When my daughter was born, I physically had pain in my chest, and I truly believe it was my heart expanding.

What I DON’T understand is how it works when you have another child. Maybe someday I will.

Now head on over to http://www.emmyincharge.com and see what Maggie has to say about this weeks song choice!

{A visit, a First Birthday and I won!}

This is a Hodge podge of the last few weeks of my life. I am catching you up, if you will 🙂

My parents came out to visit for a week and celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. I am resolving to take more pictures in my life, HOWEVER I failed miserably at that while they were here. The nice thing is we did LOTS of relaxing and hanging out, and TONS of laughing. I did manage to snap this picture right before they left – my daughter in this picture just kills me. Zane is a hoot every day. We have so much fun.

Last Friday evening, one of my best friends proved to be much more crafty and creative than she likes to let on 🙂 Above is Katie pictured with her sweet daughter Kenzie – Kenzie turned 1!! Katie threw her a Technicolor dream party! It was AWESOME! Particularly the rainbow cake she made. It was incredible to say the least!It was super sweet, but was perfect for a sweet treat to celebrate a first birthday!I think Kenzie liked all the colors! She is an early to bed kind of baby, but she did really great and was a very hospitable host for her party 🙂For the party, I made Kenzie a Rainbow shirt to help her celebrate, and YES I was totally that mom and made my daughter one too so they could be matching. WHAT?!?!?!? We can only do that for so long before they start to roll their eyes at me!! I am going to make some of these shirts for the holiday bazaar I am involved with middle of November. Should be fun! Now taking custom orders!

Lastly – I WON A BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! It is the first time I have ever won one! It was from one of my new blog friends Janean from Umbrella By the SeaThe box came in the mail today, and I was so excited! There is some great bakers twine, little snack cups, just a whole bunch of cute random stuff {including Jelly Belly’s – HELLO!!}. I am looking forward to finding things to do with everything! There is a three piece chalk board I am thinking about using to advertise at the holiday bazaar. We will just have to see. All of this winning a give-away has me thinking I need to set up a give away soon!!! It is so much fun!!

Have a GREAT day today! Happy Halloween – don’t eat too much candy!!

{My Village}

I am writing this post as I sit and think about all of the friends and family that I have in my life right now that have helped me through the ever-changing season that is parenting a child.

I have some AMAZING friends who I can really be myself around, and we can chat about anything.

On Friday, I sat around with a few very close mommy friends, and as we all began to share, one thing became very clear. Most of us moms think we are going to go crazy, feel insecure about one thing or another in our parenting capabilities, and just generally can feel alone in how we feel. And the amazing thing is that WE ALL feel this way at one point or another. It is when you get together and talk things out you realize that no, you are not alone. No, you are not the ONLY one that feels this way. And NO, you are NOT weird for feeling like you just might go crazy.

Here is the deal. All of us moms – We are already all crazy. You don’t need to worry any more about “going crazy”. If you have a child, you are already there 🙂 It is all about building a community around you so that you are not alone.

It was SO refreshing to sit and gab with my friends about what Zane was doing right now, and how I felt lost when it comes to discipline at this age (effective discipline). It was so nice to chat with ladies who have already been where I am so that they could help light the way for me. And, let’s be honest.  Sometimes, you are just wanting to hear that you are not alone, and that someone else has totally been through that before. (and bonus, they survived!)

I also love being able to talk to friends who are just starting out in this crazy ride called parenting, and bring them along side for the ride. We can all learn from each others experience. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my friends that I have met at church. People going the same direction I am going, with the same goal in mind.

It takes a village to raise a child – this is what they are talking about. You need your “people”. They are with you thick and thin and encourage you every step of the way.

So who is in your village?

{Feeding Zane, my 15 month old}

Does anyone else have a 15 month old that wont eat anything?

Oh, sorry, I take that back. She will only eat peas and cinnamon toast.

I am doing some hard-core research on this today, trying to figure out how to help my 15 month old eat. I want her to have nutritious food and to give her variety, but I am kind of at a loss.

A few good resources I have found so far:

Weelicious: Facebook Website Pinterest – she had LOTS of food recipes and choices – I am sure SOMETHING is bound to sound good to Zane.

What to Expect: Toddler Eating Habits

This has been a very frustrating time for me right now, because I spend time making her different foods, and she just spits it out, throws it on the floor and spreads it around her high chair.  I know that this is just all a part of her learning to eat & struggling with teething, but in that moment it doesn’t make it any easier.

Any thoughts you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

I have to go now, and get Zaner up from her nap and try to feed her some lunch. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I am going to need it.