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{Anchors Away… It’s a Boy!!!}

A couple saturdays ago we have the honor of being a part of Paul and Corianne’s Gender Reveal. It was such a fun day, but it was one of the most stressful things I have done in a long time {Stressful because that is a LOT of responsibility to keep that secret, and even harder to do when there is confetti involved}

Friday night Paul and Corianne dropped off the envelope with the sonogram of the gender fresh off their appointment. The minute the door closed we opened the envelope {They probably were not even to their car yet!} THEY ARE HAVING A BOY!!!! I went hard to work at finishing the lantern and making BLUE confetti!

Got this text about 10pm…. I was surprised it took her that long to message me, and it was the only message I got. I am not sure if she slept Friday night or not, but she did pretty good. I thought I would be getting messages from her all night long.

Finally, it was Saturday and we made it over to the Burtons at about noon and got the lantern in place.

Tragedy almost struck when the lantern fell right before we were going to do the reveal!!!! LUCKILY we just had Corianne and Paul turn around as we picked up a few stray pieces of confetti and laced the lantern BACK up where it was supposed to be.

This moment… right here…. right before they pulled the string to reveal what they were having… it was a very electric moment!

The confetti is blue!!! It’s a boy!!!

This last picture is Paul and Corianne looking at the ultrasound picture that clearly proves they are having a boy!

All in all, it was one one of the most fun projects I have done! It was so great to be a part of their day and be able to see the joy when they discovered they were having a boy!

** Corianne is one of my favorite bloggers – check out her page Band Of Burtons and congratulate them on their boy – I am pretty sure they are still looking for the right name….

** The lantern idea came from one of my favorite blogs Oh Happy Day Рmake sure to go check her out! She has lived in Paris and San Fran РWhat a cool chick!