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{A visit, a First Birthday and I won!}

This is a Hodge podge of the last few weeks of my life. I am catching you up, if you will ūüôā

My parents came out to visit for a week and celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. I am¬†resolving¬†to take more pictures in my life, HOWEVER I failed¬†miserably¬†at that while they were here. The nice thing is we did LOTS of¬†relaxing¬†and hanging out, and TONS of laughing. I did manage to snap this picture right before they left – my daughter in this¬†picture¬†just kills me. Zane is a hoot every day. We have so much fun.

Last Friday evening, one of my best friends proved to be much more crafty and¬†creative¬†than she likes to let on ūüôā Above is Katie pictured with her sweet daughter Kenzie – Kenzie turned 1!! Katie threw her a Technicolor dream party! It was AWESOME!¬†Particularly¬†the rainbow cake she made. It was¬†incredible¬†to say the least!It was super sweet, but was perfect for a sweet treat to celebrate a first birthday!I think Kenzie liked all the colors! She is an early to bed kind of baby, but she did really great and was a very hospitable host for her party ūüôāFor the party, I made Kenzie a Rainbow shirt to help her celebrate, and YES I was totally that mom and made my daughter one too so they could be matching. WHAT?!?!?!? We can only do that for so long before they start to roll their eyes at me!!¬†I am going to make some of these shirts for the holiday bazaar I am involved with middle of November. Should be fun! Now taking custom orders!

Lastly – I WON A BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! It is the first time I have ever won one! It was from one of my new blog friends Janean from¬†Umbrella By the Sea.¬†The box came in the mail today, and I was so excited! There is some great bakers twine, little snack cups, just a whole bunch of cute random stuff {including Jelly Belly’s – HELLO!!}. I am looking forward to finding¬†things¬†to do with everything! There is a three¬†piece¬†chalk board I am¬†thinking¬†about using to¬†advertise¬†at the holiday bazaar. We will just have to see. All of this winning a give-away has me thinking I need to set up a give away soon!!! It is so much fun!!

Have a GREAT day today! Happy Halloween – don’t eat too much candy!!


{Flash Friday 4}

Have you heard of Lulu & Georgia yet? They have a {blog} too! I will take one of everything.

My new friend Hector Perez took these pictures of the new Seattle’s Great Wheel this week – OH how I want to go see it so badly!! Sounds like a FUN fall thing to do with a latte in hand. I feel a date coming on ūüôā

This is quite possibly one of the CUTEST little birthday parties I have seen in a long time – I want to do this for Zane someday. See full party pictures {here}

Well, I bought these boots ONLINE from Target – I have been wanting some booties for this season, and when Nicole from An Eye for Pretty¬†shared her purchase, I had to give them a try. Right now Target online is buy one get one 50% off and free shipping over $50.00. In order to take FULL advantage of these deals, I bought the grey & black pair {don’t tell my husband!} but the total with tax was only $46.00! Not bad if I end up liking them. Target does have free returns in the store if you end up getting them and not liking them. I am excited to try them out!

How cute would {these} be at a party – choose your own animal! ūüôā

{I scream, You scream, We ALL scream for Ice Cream!!!}

My friend’s daughter Amelia turned one this past week, and we have her birthday at the end of the month. ¬†I shared a little sneak peek of what I made for her, and now it is done so I can share the finished product {Maggie, close Amelia’s eyes – I want her to be¬†surprised!!!}.

The theme of her party is an Ice Cream Social, so when I saw this idea blogged by Jen {here} by one of my new favorite bloggers,  I knew that I had to make a version of it for Amelia! I added a few sets of felt letters so that as she grows, she will be able to learn letters as well, and her mommy can help her to spell out words.

Zane and I are very excited to give this present to Amelia next week! {She is SO excited, she can’t stop playing with it…. even after she gets put in a time out…..}

Make sure to stop by and check out Mama.Papa.Bubba. blog this week sometime –¬†ESPECIALLY¬†if you have youngsters – she has some FANTASTIC art projects for you to do WITH your kids to keep them learning! Tell Jen Hi and that I sent you!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!

{Projects Sneak Peek – A Bride and a One Year Old}

Right now I am working on a project for two very different people – a Bride and a One year old!

Amelia turned one yesterday, and her party is later at the end of the month. Her birthday party is inspired by an Ice Cream Social so I wanted to make her something to go along with the theme of her party!

It is a felt Ice Cream Cone matching board. You can play matching games with the colors, you can also teach about the rainbow and how the colors work together. These are just two quick shots I took while I was working, I will post a full post about it when I am done completely. {Probably next week}

B & R get married early October, so I have a bit more time with this project. However there is a lot that is going into it so I have started working on it now {see, I can plan ahead and work ahead SOMETIMES!!!} It can take me a little bit to come up with an idea for a project, but with this wedding I have probably too many ideas!!!

Yesterday I spend a good part of the day “aging” book pages for the Photo Booth. I even took the 2nd stack I had over to my friend Katie’s house and continued to do it there while we got to hang out. {Thanks for letting me use your oven Kate!!!}

Have you ever done this before? I found a TON of websites on how to do it, and ultimately just kind of took the advice from all of them to start, and created my own process as I go. After some trial and error РI found the best was  when I soaked the book pages in brewed coffee {that was cold} for about 10 minutes and then baked them in the oven at 200 degrees for 10-11 minutes.

You can tell the difference for sure. I am “aging” about half of the book right now, I think it will look nice to have some dimension to it.

I just wish I could figure out how to make some of them even DARKER. I tried adding the coffee grounds to the water, I tried brewing the coffee more concentrated, and I tried dying them again a second time after they were dry РALL with no luck. SO PLEASE Рgive me your ideas!!!

{1-Year-Old Birthday Present}




I started a project for a good friends 1-year-old birthday present today!!! The party is next weekend, so I will post the finished product after that! The theme is Ice Cream Social – SO excited for that party!!!!

{Happy First Birthday Zane!!}

Last Sunday, we celebrated Zane’s First birthday! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help us celebrate!

As many of you know – I LOVE to celebrate! There is nothing I love more than throwing a party, So the opportunity to put together a fun party for Zane was one I just could not pass up!

I have put together a few picture collages to share the party with you:

{CANDY BAR} I had a great time choosing special treats for the table, including cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels and Rice Krispie Treats all from Wanna Cupcake in Puyallup. Karie is so wonderful to work with, and she will do whatever you want – she is very creative. Look her up for your next party {or cupcake craving}!!!

I printed my own treat bags because I couldn’t find any I liked! More on that in this post HERE.

{PHOTOBOOTH} My labor of LOVE was the Photobooth backdrop – it took many late night hours, and help from both my mom and sister {THANKS GUYS!!!} to get this done – but I was VERY PLEASED with the result!

I was honored to have my mom and 86 year old grandma {Zane’s grandma and great grandma} here for the birthday party. These pictures of Zane with her Great Grandma Gloria from Minnesota are just about my favorite things ever. Priceless.

{CAKE AND PRESENTS} What party would be complete without cake and presents! Both of these items are “interesting” at a first birthday party. Zane didn’t like the cake, nor was she very excited about opening presents. I am sure her interest will grow with age.

What really made the party THE BEST was the friends and family that made it out – I LOVE doing life with all of you, and I am thankful for the part that each of you play in our life and in raising our baby.

I am going to upload even MORE pictures to my Facebook in the next week or so, but¬†I will leave you with one more set of pictures…. some people need no props……

{Photo booth Backdrop}

Zaners first birthday party is THIS WEEKEND!!! I can’t believe that my daughter is going to be 1!!!!

My mom and Grandma fly into town tomorrow to help celebrate and I couldn’t be more excited! {We are also going to do a Mothers day Lunch to celebrate my mom on Friday}

Been working on a back drop for the “photo booth” – which is really just going to be a cool place for people to document the day. I got this idea on Pinterest! Here is a sample of what I am working on – more info on this after the party!

Streamers, streamers, streamers!

Still praying for SUN this week end for the Honor BBQ at church as well as for the party!!!

{You Only Turn One Once!!}

My Daughter Zane will be turning One on July 2nd this year – MY HOW THE TIME HAS FLOWN BY! She just turned 9 months, so this week I decided to put together an inspiration board to get me thinking about planning her birthday party!

Can I just say – how did we ever plan anything without PINTEREST? All I know is that I would have worn something totally different to prom, and I would have had totally different details for my wedding had I had the luxury of perusing Pinterest for ideas! ¬†So anyways – on to my inspiration Board for Zane’s party:
(from left to right, top to bottom)

  1. {Lovely Goodies}  РWe are going to do a table of beautiful treats along with a BBQ for food. I have already started to pray for good weather. Please join in the prayer with me! Source: Pinterest
  2. {Tissue Tassel Garland} – With the thought of an outdoor party, I could not resist this garland! However, to purchase them, we are talking in the arena of $130.00 (here). So, thankfully I found this tutorial to make your own – hello project! I can’t wait to try to make this!¬†Source: Here
  3. {The Perfect Party Dress} I found this cute dress on Etsy Here and want to have something like this for her party. Maybe I can find some one to make her something unique (that would be my first choice).
  4. {My heart} This cute little DIY would be a great decor piece and I am trying to think of a way to incorporate a “Z” into it as well.¬†Source: Pinterest¬†
  5. {Brightly painted wooden high chair} ¬†I am scouring Craigslist for an old wooden high chair that I can paint for the birthday girls first taste of sugar! I haven’t decided what color I will paint it if I find one cheap enough. I *may* even just paint it antique white.¬†Source: ¬†Pinterest
  6. {Let them eat cake} I LOVE this cake! SO beautiful and light. Source: Pinterest 
  7. {Favors} The color theme will be that beautiful turquoise and pink with light summery accents so this first birthday party was my total inspiration. I am going to look for accents and gift bags to match the feel of this party! (This is also an amazing blog I suggest you follow… FOLLOW NOW!)¬†Source: Visual Vocabulary
  8. {Lights/Streamers outdoors} Love the large bulb string lights for outdoor parties – I would love to incorporate them somehow so if people stay a bit later for the party, it stays beautiful into the night! There is something so whimsical and almost romantic about round bulb string lights, don’t you think?¬†Source: Pinterest
  9. {Cupcakes} I am looking forward to sitting down with Karie from ‘Wanna Cupcake‘ and deciding what the cupcakes will look like for the party. She always comes up with something fun, so I am excited to see what she will come up with! ¬†Source: Pinterest¬†
  10. {Birthday Photo Shoot} I want to try to do an official photo shoot for her birthday (not on the day, just near it / honestly probably after it). I have a few ideas on how to make this shoot special Рmore to come on that! Source: Pinterest
  11. {Bunting for cake} I just love the simplicity of this cake topper Рand I could totally make this! Source: Pinterest

So, there it is, my inspiration board. I decided I would put it out there, but the scary part is, now I have to do all of these things! Looks like a trip to The Good Will and Joanne Fabrics is in full order!

Let me know what you think! Do you have any thoughts for planning a first birthday party? I am so excited to celebrate my girl with family and friends!