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{Here comes the Bride!}

Today is my friend’s wedding, and the photo booth that I have been working on for the last few weeks is DONE – ready for some great shots tonight at the wedding! There will be a more complete post on Monday about this hopefully with some pictures with the Bride, but for now, here is a sneak peek!


{Flash Friday 5}

Ever wonder what the different Mod Podge finishes would look like? Look no further – Casey and Savannah from Oh So Pretty, The Diaries have done it for us {here}

I have been working on a photo booth for a few weeks, and just looking at props this week I found {this} printable that I think is HILARIOUS!

The cutest little {Lemonade Stand} ever!

A {blog} and {Pinterest} dedicated to 80+ projects made with paint chips {read:free}

WHOO HOO – Anthropologie has an “Under $50.00” section. Too bad it is mostly plates and hair pins. I did find {these} cute bracelets that would be so fun for layering!

It FINALLY started getting cold around here, so next Friday is going to be a special Fall inspired Flash Friday featuring all my favorites for fall!

Have a great weekend!

{Free download for my office upgrade}

Even though I have been very busy, updating my office space at home has still been on the forefront of my mind. It is something I am always thinking about and looking for ideas, but I do think that it will take some time.

If you remember {this} original post, I talked about wanting to upgrade my drab office area – make it more inspirational. One of the ways I want to do that is make a picture collage on the bare wall above the computer. But deciding WHAT will be in the frames you hang is VERY important.

I found this FREE download from Catherine at Design Editor and I KNEW that I had to have it on my wall!

 I am so excited to add these to my wall!! I have really been trying to work on taking my camera everywhere I go, and actually TAKING PICTURES with it too. These old camera pictures are just very inspiring to me, and I think it will be great motivation, not to mention I love the nostalgia I feel when I see them! I am also excited to explore her site more – she has some GREAT ideas!

{Flash Friday 4}

Have you heard of Lulu & Georgia yet? They have a {blog} too! I will take one of everything.

My new friend Hector Perez took these pictures of the new Seattle’s Great Wheel this week – OH how I want to go see it so badly!! Sounds like a FUN fall thing to do with a latte in hand. I feel a date coming on 🙂

This is quite possibly one of the CUTEST little birthday parties I have seen in a long time – I want to do this for Zane someday. See full party pictures {here}

Well, I bought these boots ONLINE from Target – I have been wanting some booties for this season, and when Nicole from An Eye for Pretty shared her purchase, I had to give them a try. Right now Target online is buy one get one 50% off and free shipping over $50.00. In order to take FULL advantage of these deals, I bought the grey & black pair {don’t tell my husband!} but the total with tax was only $46.00! Not bad if I end up liking them. Target does have free returns in the store if you end up getting them and not liking them. I am excited to try them out!

How cute would {these} be at a party – choose your own animal! 🙂

{Flash Friday 3}

This isn’t Rose Gold – it is called Rubedo, and I am in LOVE!

The Birthday Project {here} and then go {here} for more info – THIS inspires me!

A new FAV blog Little Black Door – great DIY and home inspiration!

Have you seen {THESE} photos – HILARIOUS!

I am going to attempt to make {these} soon!

Have a great weekend!!! Finish September strong!

{Rampizi Antiques & Collectibles}

Friday night I went to a CD release party for a friend. As we were parking I saw a sign for an antique store still open, so I begged my hubby to take me just for a few minutes before the party.

We entered into a world known as Rampizi. ONLY pictures could do this place justice.

The picture above is looking up he ramp, before we went up. Below is the picture looking back down the ramp. From the beginning of the ramp there is something EVERYWHERE you turn.

The freakish thing to me, and what made me feel a *bit* like I should call my family and tell them where I was and maybe pull out my iPhone and check-in incase my body went missing {so they would know my last known location} was the suit coats hanging from the ceiling. EVERYWHERE. There are hundreds of them. Maybe I watch a little bit too much CSI or Criminal Minds – but they seem a bit too much like “souvenirs” if you know what I am saying.

It was an old abandoned warehouse that he has FILLED. I was seriously half freaked out, and half wanted to ask for a job {my husband wouldn’t let me LOL}.

Meet David Norton:

This is ALL his collection. Upon meeting him in one of the corners of the warehouse, we struck up a conversation and I asked him if I could take a picture of him for my blog – he insisted that it MUST be of him playing his drums, rushed over and turned on a jazzy bluesy kind of song, and started playing along with the track as I snapped a few photos. He is seriously the NICEST man!

David has SUCH a collection you could NEVER get through it in one day. I want to go back and see what he has in the way of old maps. But I wont be going by myself – anyone care to join me?!?!?

{Flash Friday 2}

 V-neck Onsie… you can find them {HERE} Corianne

I first saw these maps on this blog {here} and you can buy them {here}

{Five things to do with your Denim Shirt}

{Make your Own Mercury Glass}

I WANT {THESE} so bad!!

{LOVING MAPS this week, so here is one more DYI cut out Map of your city}

Would YOU wear a Paint Chip necklace. I might wear {THIS} one

I hope I have sparked at least a *touch* of inspiration for your weekend! Make it a good one!