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{A visit, a First Birthday and I won!}

This is a Hodge podge of the last few weeks of my life. I am catching you up, if you will ūüôā

My parents came out to visit for a week and celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. I am¬†resolving¬†to take more pictures in my life, HOWEVER I failed¬†miserably¬†at that while they were here. The nice thing is we did LOTS of¬†relaxing¬†and hanging out, and TONS of laughing. I did manage to snap this picture right before they left – my daughter in this¬†picture¬†just kills me. Zane is a hoot every day. We have so much fun.

Last Friday evening, one of my best friends proved to be much more crafty and¬†creative¬†than she likes to let on ūüôā Above is Katie pictured with her sweet daughter Kenzie – Kenzie turned 1!! Katie threw her a Technicolor dream party! It was AWESOME!¬†Particularly¬†the rainbow cake she made. It was¬†incredible¬†to say the least!It was super sweet, but was perfect for a sweet treat to celebrate a first birthday!I think Kenzie liked all the colors! She is an early to bed kind of baby, but she did really great and was a very hospitable host for her party ūüôāFor the party, I made Kenzie a Rainbow shirt to help her celebrate, and YES I was totally that mom and made my daughter one too so they could be matching. WHAT?!?!?!? We can only do that for so long before they start to roll their eyes at me!!¬†I am going to make some of these shirts for the holiday bazaar I am involved with middle of November. Should be fun! Now taking custom orders!

Lastly – I WON A BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! It is the first time I have ever won one! It was from one of my new blog friends Janean from¬†Umbrella By the Sea.¬†The box came in the mail today, and I was so excited! There is some great bakers twine, little snack cups, just a whole bunch of cute random stuff {including Jelly Belly’s – HELLO!!}. I am looking forward to finding¬†things¬†to do with everything! There is a three¬†piece¬†chalk board I am¬†thinking¬†about using to¬†advertise¬†at the holiday bazaar. We will just have to see. All of this winning a give-away has me thinking I need to set up a give away soon!!! It is so much fun!!

Have a GREAT day today! Happy Halloween – don’t eat too much candy!!


{Wheeler Wedding Photo Booth}

Well, it was QUITE a weekend full of weddings, family and FALL!!! Friday night was the Wheeler Wedding – and I did the Photo Booth back drop for them. It turned out pretty good I think! I was happy with it.¬†The photo booth was also used on Saturday night for a wedding of a Bride I didn’t even know! She was having a wedding in the same space as B & R and we offered to have her use it since it would already be there! I am hoping to see some pictures, maybe from BOTH weddings! I am just super excited that all that work didn’t go to waste! I will post pictures when I get some!

Saturday, my parents came in to visit for the day – they headed to Whistler for the week to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday! They will be back next weekend to spend a few days with us. We got to have lunch at a local favorite, and then did some walking around downtown. Fall has officially arrived, and I don’t mind ONE BIT.

I also started a few projects tonight for the Holiday bazaar I am involved with next month, as well as a special something for baby Kenzie’s first birthday! So excited to celebrate with them next week!Have an awesome day!


{Here comes the Bride!}

Today is my friend’s wedding, and the photo booth that I have been working on for the last few weeks is DONE – ready for some great shots tonight at the wedding! There will be a more complete post on Monday about this hopefully with some pictures with the Bride, but for now, here is a¬†sneak¬†peek!

{Flash Friday 5}

Ever wonder what the different Mod Podge finishes would look like? Look no further РCasey and Savannah from Oh So Pretty, The Diaries have done it for us {here}

I have been working on a photo booth for a few weeks, and just looking at props this week I found {this} printable that I think is HILARIOUS!

The cutest little {Lemonade Stand} ever!

A {blog} and {Pinterest} dedicated to 80+ projects made with paint chips {read:free}

WHOO HOO – Anthropologie has an “Under $50.00” section. Too bad it is mostly plates and hair pins. I did find {these} cute bracelets that would be so fun for layering!

It FINALLY started getting cold around here, so next Friday is going to be a special Fall inspired Flash Friday featuring all my favorites for fall!

Have a great weekend!

{Free download for my office upgrade}

Even though I have been very busy, updating my office space at home has still been on the forefront of my mind. It is something I am always thinking about and looking for ideas, but I do think that it will take some time.

If you remember {this} original post, I talked about wanting to upgrade my drab office area – make it more inspirational. One of the ways I want to do that is make a picture collage on the bare wall above the computer. But deciding WHAT will be in the frames you hang is VERY important.

I found this FREE download from Catherine at Design Editor and I KNEW that I had to have it on my wall!

 I am so excited to add these to my wall!! I have really been trying to work on taking my camera everywhere I go, and actually TAKING PICTURES with it too. These old camera pictures are just very inspiring to me, and I think it will be great motivation, not to mention I love the nostalgia I feel when I see them! I am also excited to explore her site more Рshe has some GREAT ideas!

{Rampizi Antiques & Collectibles}

Friday night I went to a CD release party for a friend. As we were parking I saw a sign for an antique store still open, so I begged my hubby to take me just for a few minutes before the party.

We entered into a world known as Rampizi. ONLY pictures could do this place justice.

The picture above is looking up he ramp, before we went up. Below is the picture looking back down the ramp. From the beginning of the ramp there is something EVERYWHERE you turn.

The¬†freakish¬†thing to me, and what made me feel a *bit* like I should call my family and tell them where I was and maybe pull out my iPhone and check-in incase my body went missing {so they would know my last known location} was the suit coats hanging from the ceiling. EVERYWHERE. There are hundreds of them. Maybe I watch a little bit too much CSI or Criminal Minds – but they seem a bit too much like “souvenirs” if you know what I am saying.

It was an old abandoned warehouse that he has FILLED. I was seriously half freaked out, and half wanted to ask for a job {my¬†husband¬†wouldn’t¬†let me LOL}.

Meet David Norton:

This is ALL his collection. Upon meeting him in one of the corners of the warehouse, we struck up a conversation and I asked him if I could take a picture of him for my blog – he insisted that it MUST be of him playing his drums, rushed over and turned on a jazzy bluesy kind of song, and started playing along with the track as I snapped a few photos. He is seriously the NICEST man!

David has SUCH a collection you could NEVER get through it in one day. I want to go back and see what he has in the way of old maps. But I wont be going by myself – anyone care to join me?!?!?

{Lets grab a Latte}

Good Morning and Happy Weekend to ya! Lets grab a Latte together!

One of my newest mottos right now is ‘Do what you love, and love what you do’.¬†Such a simple statement but can be so hard to walk out on a daily basis.¬†¬†If you are not happy doing what you are doing every day – you need to change SOMETHING!!! Take some personal inventory and determine what needs to change!

I created this blog out of a love for DIY projects and creating joy and a special experience for people I can make things for! ‘The Little Red Horse’ blog was born out of the idea that what was old can become new again, what was broken can be fixed, and you can turn something very ordinary into something personal and special with just a little creativity.¬†I have written before about WHY my blog is named “The Little Red Horse” ¬†{You can see that blog post¬†HERE}

So what types of things do I blog about?

***Unique DIY Items – I am currently running for DIY Queen {a position held by many} I really do love finding new projects and putting a personal twist on them. I have a LIST of them just waiting to be done. I blame Pinterest.

*** What I am currently obsessing over – when I find something I love I just have to tell everyone about it!!!

***Party Party Party!! – I love creating one of a kind party elements for people to help them celebrate the milestones of life! Do you have a party or special day coming up – I can help you out!

***I have a very close-knit band of friends and even closer family, so every once and awhile I have to let you know what they are up to!

I love blogging and making new friends. There are so many great people out there that I meet every day. Lets be blog friends!

Remember today to do what you love, and love what you do!!!! Make today count!