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{Flash Friday 7: What to do with my Hair Edition}

Today’s Flash Friday will be a bit different – you see I have a hair appointment today {Friday} and I at a bit of a loss for what to do. I have long hair with a touch of ombre on the ends. It is old & tired and I need something FRESH. You know I am sick of my hair when I start to wear a pony tail EVERY SINGLE DAY without question.

SO I am going to post a few pics here of things I like, and next week I will let you know what I decided on.

Ombre: To do or not to do. And then, IF I do, slight/drastic/rainbow bright? DO I cut bangs? And if so, to I do straight across or side-swept. 

**All of these images were taken directly from Google Images. A god-send when you are in hair crisis mode.

SO many choices…. And my appointment is at noon. The good thing is that it is just hair, it grows back, and if I don’t like it, I can always change it.



{Seven Things Award}

SO fun – I was nominated for an Award! Thank you so much to my new blog friend over at Now at Home Mom for thinking of me!! This is my first blog nomination, so it makes me a little excited! 🙂

The award is called “7 Things about me Award” and as you can guess, along with it, I must tell you 7 things about me! 🙂

1.  My daughter, Zane, is 14 months. I was almost in tears all day watching the “First day of School” pictures posted online all day. I can’t imagine the day I send Zaner to her first day of School. Crazy.

2. I am half city dweller and half mountain goat. What does that mean? I love to wear the tallest heels and go out for apps with friends just as much as I love a good long hike in the mountains where I get a little mud on myself and tan lines to prove my outdoorsiness. {I know, not a real word}

3. I feel like I have DIY superpowers – I blame this on Pinterest and the ease at which you can browse blogs, but I really feel like I can accomplish any DIY project that I wanted to.

4. My dad used to ride his bike behind mine and force me to ride longer than I wanted to. He would ride behind me and shout encouraging things to me like “You can do it” and “keep those legs moving” and I totally hated it. Then. I could really use the encouragement sometimes now on long workouts. Too bad he lives in MN.

5. I have been married 8 years this month, and sometimes it really only feels like 1. I am in love.

6. Also, I turn 32 this week. Time flies when you’re having fun. I don’t feel old.  Sometimes I feel old now. Like when I get up after sitting for a few minutes and I have to stretch my legs.  Also – I am getting near the age where I would be too old to be a character on the show “FRIENDS”. This is not ok.

7. I have taken a few risks over the past few months, and I am hoping they pay off. I actually am having fun taking risk. You should try it!

Here are the bloggers that I am passing on a nomination to because I think they are simply FAB and I want you to meet them!!!

Band Of Burtons

Emphasis Added

Jones Design Company {She has blog class I plan on taking this fall!!!}

The Pinterest Woman


Oh Happy Day

***The Fine Print: Here are the Rules 

*******Thank the Blogger who nominated you!!******* Tell everyone 7 things about yourself because everyone is dying to know what makes you tick!******* Choose 7 blogs, or a number of your choosing, to nominate. Post on their page that you have nominated them.*******

So that is it! Thank you again Now at Home mom! I really appreciate the shout out!

{What is ‘The Little Red Horse’}

The above picture is from one of my ALL TIME favorite blogs Jones Design Company and is written by a fantastic gal named Emily. I ran across her blog about a year ago, and I have literally never been the same! I was reading her blog one night and I came across this post about this little red horse she had found, simply spray painted red and placed on her desk for some color. It was just a discarded toy from one of her children, something so simple. Yet it was so profound for me. Look what just a little bit of red paint could do, how it could change and repurpose something. In that instant, ‘The Little Red Horse’ was born in my mind and I have been working on projects ever since.

I have the most amazing family and friends in the world. They believe in me, and they tell me ALL THE TIME! Who could be so lucky! My friend Mica gave me a gift for my 30th birthday (pictured below) with a simple note just telling me that I inspire her – can you get any more encouraging than that?

So, to me, The Little Red Horse is a blog about doing what inspires you in life. Taking what you find (sometimes total junk!) and making it into something beautiful! I love feedback, I love to hear from you, and I love to share ideas!! Lets inspire each other!

Every woman has “Dirty” laundry she needs to hide {Oh!}

My friend Corianne was getting married a year or so ago, and I felt so bad that I couldn’t be at the bachelorette party to celebrate with her. Of course you know the usual types of gifts given at this type of parties (unmentionables) but I wanted to give her something a little special. Then it popped into my head – I should make her something for her “Dirty” laundry!!

This post will be picture heavy, but I want to show the progression of the project! So bear with me, it will be worth it!

I started with a cardboard container I was given when I got married years ago. I had never cared for the color, but it was nice to keep my unmentionables somewhere all together. This project involved Mod Podge (straight from heaven), scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, fancy stickers (letters/diamonds/and a chandelier) and a few hours.

I started by cutting the scrapbook paper into strips because it needed to be able to maneuver around the corners of the rounded container.

I finished the top in a beautiful red paper first. I had less of the red that I did the grey, So I used the grey on the bottom (since there was more space to cover). I just pasted each strip on one by one going on a circle.

Have you used Mod Podge before? It is FANTASTIC, but you need to do your project in stages because it dries pretty quickly. So I would cover a bit of the cardboard with MP, put a strip or two down, and then cover the paper with the MP again.

One the inside top cover, I decided to use some glittery stickers and write the words “Dirty Laundry” – I also need an excuse to use the chandelier sticker because if anyone knows Corianne, you know she LOVES all things chandelier!

At this point, it was into the WEE early morning hours and I was almost finished! It was just missing SOMETHING – it didn’t look quit finished so I took some ribbing I had laying around and used a hot glue gun to glue it to the edge. I felt it made it looked more finished.

So, I learned a few valuable lessons doing this project. The main one being TAKE A FINAL PICTURE  – can you believe I documented this whole process and didn’t get a final picture? I chalk it up to it being to late and I was just tired. Lesson Learned.

I hope I have inspired SOMETHING in you today – go be creative in your area of life with something today!

*I hope you go and give Corianne’s blog CorianneLand a follow – she is a great gal with awesome taste!

Have a fabulous day!

Life in a Cage…

Last year I went to the Packwood flee markets with my sister Bekah and we found some great things – some things I have yet to do anything with…. All in time…. but this post will be about the lovely little  fixer-upper birdcage I found. You can see it right there in the middle of the picture. It has like a weird nest looking thing in it – which I suppose it could have been considering it is a bird-cage. None the less, the nasty nest was the first thing to go! I bought the cage as a gift for my Mother-in Law Marsha, but it was very dirty and needed a few things repaired. I bought it for $6.00 I think.

So I cleaned it up, fixed it up and added some white paint (Valspar Flat Latex Paint in Antique White)

She now uses it for multiple times of the year in her decor- putting different themes into the birdcage, depending on the season. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to something! I share this project with you not because it was hard, but to hopefully inspire you to see what around you could use a coat of paint, a little sprucing up.

Stay tuned for a post about a “dirty laundry” basket I made for a friends Bachelorette party! This is a fun DIY project that is fun to personalize and give to your friends!

Have a fantastic evening!

Before and After – French Provincial Dresser

Here is a French Provincial style dresser I refurbished for my own bedroom… I painted it a dark midnight black (it has a touch of navy look to the black which makes it softer and very rich looking).


The pictures are a bit dark so it is hard to see, but the paint-job really gave it a real regal look. The shape is feminine without being too much, and the dark color brings a bit of masculinity. I will try to get a better picture with a flash so you can see details. 


Thank you for taking a look! Let me know what you think!

Also – feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts or questions about refurbishing furniture…. I am just getting started in this – lets learn together!