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{Seven Things Award}

SO fun – I was nominated for an Award! Thank you so much to my new blog friend over at Now at Home Mom for thinking of me!! This is my first blog nomination, so it makes me a little excited! 🙂

The award is called “7 Things about me Award” and as you can guess, along with it, I must tell you 7 things about me! 🙂

1.  My daughter, Zane, is 14 months. I was almost in tears all day watching the “First day of School” pictures posted online all day. I can’t imagine the day I send Zaner to her first day of School. Crazy.

2. I am half city dweller and half mountain goat. What does that mean? I love to wear the tallest heels and go out for apps with friends just as much as I love a good long hike in the mountains where I get a little mud on myself and tan lines to prove my outdoorsiness. {I know, not a real word}

3. I feel like I have DIY superpowers – I blame this on Pinterest and the ease at which you can browse blogs, but I really feel like I can accomplish any DIY project that I wanted to.

4. My dad used to ride his bike behind mine and force me to ride longer than I wanted to. He would ride behind me and shout encouraging things to me like “You can do it” and “keep those legs moving” and I totally hated it. Then. I could really use the encouragement sometimes now on long workouts. Too bad he lives in MN.

5. I have been married 8 years this month, and sometimes it really only feels like 1. I am in love.

6. Also, I turn 32 this week. Time flies when you’re having fun. I don’t feel old.  Sometimes I feel old now. Like when I get up after sitting for a few minutes and I have to stretch my legs.  Also – I am getting near the age where I would be too old to be a character on the show “FRIENDS”. This is not ok.

7. I have taken a few risks over the past few months, and I am hoping they pay off. I actually am having fun taking risk. You should try it!

Here are the bloggers that I am passing on a nomination to because I think they are simply FAB and I want you to meet them!!!

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***The Fine Print: Here are the Rules 

*******Thank the Blogger who nominated you!!******* Tell everyone 7 things about yourself because everyone is dying to know what makes you tick!******* Choose 7 blogs, or a number of your choosing, to nominate. Post on their page that you have nominated them.*******

So that is it! Thank you again Now at Home mom! I really appreciate the shout out!