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{The Circle – How Country Feels}

This week the song chosen was ‘How Country Feels’ by Randy Houser.

The first few lines about how the girl in the song grew up in a concrete jungle got me thinking about how I really want Zane to grow up not just experiencing one “side” of life. I don’t want her to just be a city girl, too good for outdoors and “how country feels”. Does that make sense? I grew up in the midwest (MN) and my mom raised us to love dressing up just as much as we loved exploring the pond in our back yard, coming home covered in mud.

DSC_0195I am like that to this day – I love dressing up in heels and sparkles and going out JUST AS MUCH as I love to hike up on Mt. Rainer and get some dirt under my nails…. and I cant wait to do it all with her.

Make sure to check out to Maggie at ‘Emmy In Charge‘ to complete {The Circle}!

Oh, and I get to pick the song this week!!! EEEEk! Which song SHALL I choose – hard decision. I will let you know Sunday night!


{Flash Friday 8}

A link {HERE} for new/budding photographers from Benj Haisch – he is good, and this info is good too! He took stunning pictures for a friends wedding last month.

Click {HERE} for a video on how to open a Pomegranate! I am currently obsessed with this fruit and I eat the seeds every day!

The hubs and I are planning a trip to Vancouver – maybe over the holiday this year (love taking part in Boxing day!!) and I found {THIS} fun little travel guide to go along with! {She also takes you to New York, Hong Kong, London and Paris. YES PLEASE!}

Making a Photo booth towards the end of this month, and the inspiration comes from this picture. This is a great tutorial for an awesome way to spruce up ANY party!

I also want to make {THIS} sometimes soon. I LOVE the Ampersand!

Have an incredible weekend!

{Free download for my office upgrade}

Even though I have been very busy, updating my office space at home has still been on the forefront of my mind. It is something I am always thinking about and looking for ideas, but I do think that it will take some time.

If you remember {this} original post, I talked about wanting to upgrade my drab office area – make it more inspirational. One of the ways I want to do that is make a picture collage on the bare wall above the computer. But deciding WHAT will be in the frames you hang is VERY important.

I found this FREE download from Catherine at Design Editor and I KNEW that I had to have it on my wall!

 I am so excited to add these to my wall!! I have really been trying to work on taking my camera everywhere I go, and actually TAKING PICTURES with it too. These old camera pictures are just very inspiring to me, and I think it will be great motivation, not to mention I love the nostalgia I feel when I see them! I am also excited to explore her site more – she has some GREAT ideas!

{Flash Friday 4}

Have you heard of Lulu & Georgia yet? They have a {blog} too! I will take one of everything.

My new friend Hector Perez took these pictures of the new Seattle’s Great Wheel this week – OH how I want to go see it so badly!! Sounds like a FUN fall thing to do with a latte in hand. I feel a date coming on 🙂

This is quite possibly one of the CUTEST little birthday parties I have seen in a long time – I want to do this for Zane someday. See full party pictures {here}

Well, I bought these boots ONLINE from Target – I have been wanting some booties for this season, and when Nicole from An Eye for Pretty shared her purchase, I had to give them a try. Right now Target online is buy one get one 50% off and free shipping over $50.00. In order to take FULL advantage of these deals, I bought the grey & black pair {don’t tell my husband!} but the total with tax was only $46.00! Not bad if I end up liking them. Target does have free returns in the store if you end up getting them and not liking them. I am excited to try them out!

How cute would {these} be at a party – choose your own animal! 🙂

{I scream, You scream, We ALL scream for Ice Cream!!!}

My friend’s daughter Amelia turned one this past week, and we have her birthday at the end of the month.  I shared a little sneak peek of what I made for her, and now it is done so I can share the finished product {Maggie, close Amelia’s eyes – I want her to be surprised!!!}.

The theme of her party is an Ice Cream Social, so when I saw this idea blogged by Jen {here} by one of my new favorite bloggers,  I knew that I had to make a version of it for Amelia! I added a few sets of felt letters so that as she grows, she will be able to learn letters as well, and her mommy can help her to spell out words.

Zane and I are very excited to give this present to Amelia next week! {She is SO excited, she can’t stop playing with it…. even after she gets put in a time out…..}

Make sure to stop by and check out Mama.Papa.Bubba. blog this week sometime – ESPECIALLY if you have youngsters – she has some FANTASTIC art projects for you to do WITH your kids to keep them learning! Tell Jen Hi and that I sent you!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!

{Lets grab a Latte}

Good Morning and Happy Weekend to ya! Lets grab a Latte together!

One of my newest mottos right now is ‘Do what you love, and love what you do’. Such a simple statement but can be so hard to walk out on a daily basis.  If you are not happy doing what you are doing every day – you need to change SOMETHING!!! Take some personal inventory and determine what needs to change!

I created this blog out of a love for DIY projects and creating joy and a special experience for people I can make things for! ‘The Little Red Horse’ blog was born out of the idea that what was old can become new again, what was broken can be fixed, and you can turn something very ordinary into something personal and special with just a little creativity. I have written before about WHY my blog is named “The Little Red Horse”  {You can see that blog post HERE}

So what types of things do I blog about?

***Unique DIY Items – I am currently running for DIY Queen {a position held by many} I really do love finding new projects and putting a personal twist on them. I have a LIST of them just waiting to be done. I blame Pinterest.

*** What I am currently obsessing over – when I find something I love I just have to tell everyone about it!!!

***Party Party Party!! – I love creating one of a kind party elements for people to help them celebrate the milestones of life! Do you have a party or special day coming up – I can help you out!

***I have a very close-knit band of friends and even closer family, so every once and awhile I have to let you know what they are up to!

I love blogging and making new friends. There are so many great people out there that I meet every day. Lets be blog friends!

Remember today to do what you love, and love what you do!!!! Make today count!

{I Love You More}


This is such a great post written by my friend Corianne from “Bring On Baby” beautifully written – will she love her baby? A feeling all of us moms have undoubtably felt. A very good read!

I Love You More.