{She bangs… She bangs….}


Well, I went with the bangs. And I have to say, from the moment she cut them I was glad I did. I have had bangs before, and I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I had them again!

Sure, I use more hair product now and it takes me a few min longer to get ready, but I will take it.

It is funny how a good hair style can help boost your confidence! I just feel better after cutting a few inches and getting some fresh color.

Women/Moms – but especially new moms – don’t neglect the importance of taking care of yourself – you owe it to yourself. It will make you a better mother/wife/lover and just basic all around human when you are not running on 0% all the time.

Next up on operation “take care of Lindsay” – a new bra – but I won’t be sharing that information in here {this isn’t THAT kind of blog!!! 😉 }

Have an amazing day! I know – it is Monday – but you CAN choose to make it a good one! Start with a smile!


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