{Flash Friday 7: What to do with my Hair Edition}

Today’s Flash Friday will be a bit different – you see I have a hair appointment today {Friday} and I at a bit of a loss for what to do. I have long hair with a touch of ombre on the ends. It is old & tired and I need something FRESH. You know I am sick of my hair when I start to wear a pony tail EVERY SINGLE DAY without question.

SO I am going to post a few pics here of things I like, and next week I will let you know what I decided on.

Ombre: To do or not to do. And then, IF I do, slight/drastic/rainbow bright? DO I cut bangs? And if so, to I do straight across or side-swept. 

**All of these images were taken directly from Google Images. A god-send when you are in hair crisis mode.

SO many choices…. And my appointment is at noon. The good thing is that it is just hair, it grows back, and if I don’t like it, I can always change it.



1 thought on “{Flash Friday 7: What to do with my Hair Edition}

  1. Jonita

    If you go with bangs, ask the stylist to cut them so that you can wear them down, in a sidesweep or pulled back (so you have the no bang look when you want it). I like changing my hair around a lot and my stylist gives me the flexibility to do that.

    If you’re thinking about a color change, ping my sister Holly. She can take clients at GJ for anything, but sometimes needs models for specific things (which means you could get a great color change for $10). 🙂


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