Flash Friday 6:Fall Favorites

This is for all of my “muscle-y calf” friends – did you know Hunter makes a “Wide Calf” version of their oh-so-popular rain boot? I JUST found this out, and plan on purchasing THIS weekend from Nordstrom.

I love when it gets cold, because the sweaters come out! I am looking to add at least one new one to my closet this fall – hopefully one with a cute pattern like {this one} from Old Navy!

My friend Jessica actually makes a board for me on Pinterest each year of my “Fall shopping objectives” {you can see it here}. It is a little bit like the show what not to wear. I go into a store with a list of rules, and usually in the beginning I am all rebellious towards what she tells me to get. Then I usually have a break down after looking in my bag and it is all black clothing. Then I adhere to the rules, and usually come home with a few really great things for fall. I don’t know where I would be without some of my friends.{This} is one of my favorite fall candles to burn. There are a lot of great scents out there, but this one is great for the whole fall season.Going for a long drive in the cool brisk fall air with a warm drink is ONE of my favorite things to do. New England in the Fall is on my bucket list of things I cannot wait to do! {This list} of fall foliage drives seems heavenly to me!

One of my FAVORITE THINGS is fall decor!!!! I love how warm your house feels with all the warm colors and candles burning. ‘Tis the season to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the fall decorations!

{via}Wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins – and {here} is a an awesome article about different ways to decorate your pumpkin – it isn’t just about the carving scary faces anymore!!!

It is finally cold and rainy around here, which I know some people will kill me for saying, but I am SO excited! I LOVE it! Finally I can drink my latte with a sweater on and not feel like I am BURNING ALIVE! Fall just make everything great! Bring on that grey sky!

Everyone have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Flash Friday 6:Fall Favorites

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