{A park & a pumpkin patch}

The weather has been AMAZING here in seattle, so we decided to take advantage and spend it OUTDOORS this weekend!

Saturday morning consisted of a family walk to the park – and then we chased this little one around…Then Sunday we decided to head to the pumpkin patch to choose out pumpkins for carving! Uncle Scott and his girlfriend Ari came down from Seattle for what turned out to be what felt like a holiday with pumpkin patch fun, and then home for soups, pumpkin carving and special desserts hand-made by Mimi.Our other “family members”, The Deuth’s came with us as well, because it seriously wouldn’t have been a family holiday without them!We were all laughing in the picture because Kenzie was pulling Zane’s hair! Once we put them into the wheelbarrow, they didn’t want to get out!Literally, we had to lug them around everywhere in them!The Three Amigos!

This picture just GETS ME…. I know she is my daughter, but seriously – HOW CUTE IS SHE! 🙂We knew that Uncle Scott and Ari we up to something when they HAD TO get a green pumpkin….Zane will kill me someday for this. We DO think she looks like Yoda sometimes 🙂

The final product!

Mimi made two soups (Chicken Tortilla & Quinoa Chili) along with Rice Krispie Surprise (complete with m&m’s on the bottom) AND homemade Carmel corn. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions we do with the family!

Hope you had a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “{A park & a pumpkin patch}

  1. Bestof2sisters

    What lovely photos of some beautiful kids. Oh and I do love how you celebrate Fall in such a big way.. LOVE the pumkins! We only have them out for one week in Norway, the week leading up to Haloween…. pity really, as they are oh so decorative and festive looking!


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