{Babywise: The Book that Saved our Sleep}


As I write this blog, my husband and I are laughing because my 15 month old daughter is in her room, SNORING so loudly. We have been so blessed with a sound sleeper. But I really do attribute her sleeping through the night to one thing – The book Baby Wise.

I read this blog post yesterday from A Cup of Jo about sleep training, and I decided I had to share my experience because it was a bit different, but some of the same principles apply.

My story is different from Joanna from the standpoint that I came across this book, and decided to start with a schedule right from the start. The principal is that after the first few weeks, if you get your baby on a good feeding/waking time/sleeping schedule during the day, you can also get them on a sleeping through the night schedule fairly early on. This worked perfectly for me as a mom who had to head back to work a few weeks after giving birth. Having Zane on a schedule meant that she could be cared for by someone else, and as long as they understood the schedule {it wasn’t difficult} then they would have a breeze of a time with her.

I do think that every single baby born on the earth is different, and some babies this possibly wont work for. It really has to work for both baby and parent. You have to really be willing to put in a few weeks of staying in a schedule, sticking to it through everything that you go through in the first month or so of having a baby {including people who don’t agree with how you are scheduling your newborn} but if you can make it through, you will have a well rested and happy infant ready to play and interact during the day, and sleep  in their own crib during the night.

The purpose of this post isn’t to go through and highlight points from the book – but to hopefully introduce the book to someone who has never heard of it before,and hopefully at least get you thinking about the possibilities of your newborn/infant sleeping through the night. Being tired comes with the parental territory, But if there is ANY way to cut down on the amount of sleepless or interrupted nights, I am ALL for it! You don’t have to be an A-type personality or even super strict once the schedule is in place. We were always making modifications to fit our busy lifestyle, but the main principles remain. I am aware of how controversial this topic can be, but I want you to know what worked for us.

So lets talk – have you tried Baby Wise or another sleep training book? Or maybe you didn’t? Do you wish you would have? Are you a new mom or soon to be mom sorting all of this out? Let me know your thoughts! I would love to have some open discussion about this!

Some resources for you:

A blog dedicated to quick tips in following the baby wise book, and the subsequent books in the series: Chronicles of a BabyWise Mom

A Cup of Jo: Motherhood Mondays: Sleeptraining

What to Expect: Getting baby on a Schedule



4 thoughts on “{Babywise: The Book that Saved our Sleep}

  1. blessedroute

    Hi Lindsay! I really need to read baby wise, several of my mom friends have recommended it. The book I have used on all four of my babies is called “The Baby Whisperer” and the authors soluation for sleep is called Sensible Sleep. She also recommends a schedule from day one (although its very flexible) and it has worked amazingly for us. My oldest was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. My twins–who were 2 months preemie–started sleeping through the night at 4 months, which for their adjusted age was 8 weeks! Not bad! My youngest who is now 7 weeks is sleeping through the nights *most* nights, but I think we are almost there! I really believe sleep training is important for the well being of mommy and baby, everyone is much happier!

  2. brandonmstewart

    I cannot recommend Babywise enough… Since Zane was sleeping through the night at FIVE weeks old, we found ourselves on a healthy rhythm very quickly. This is a MUST read for every new parent!


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