{My Pre-Pinterest Wedding Photos}

Brandon and I celebrated 8 years this week – and it has been the best years of my life so far! We have fun together, he makes me laugh and we like to take risks which makes the journey that much more fun and unpredictable! Like I have said before – this is a pre-Pinterest wedding, so you will see no burlap or chalkboard paint or mason jars. Of course all Brides 8 years out could probably think of a few things you would change from that day. But mainly, I just remember being happy. And I still am! It is SO HARD to choose your “favorite” wedding pictures without feeling like you left something out, so there are a lot of pics here! Just hover over the picture to get a description.

So fun to look back and see all the wonderful people that supported us on that day, and many of the people that are still in our lives today.

Thanks for taking the time to look through these – it is fun to share. 8 years, going strong and looking forward to what is ahead!!! Love you Brandon! Happy Anniversary!


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