{Rampizi Antiques & Collectibles}

Friday night I went to a CD release party for a friend. As we were parking I saw a sign for an antique store still open, so I begged my hubby to take me just for a few minutes before the party.

We entered into a world known as Rampizi. ONLY pictures could do this place justice.

The picture above is looking up he ramp, before we went up. Below is the picture looking back down the ramp. From the beginning of the ramp there is something EVERYWHERE you turn.

The freakish thing to me, and what made me feel a *bit* like I should call my family and tell them where I was and maybe pull out my iPhone and check-in incase my body went missing {so they would know my last known location} was the suit coats hanging from the ceiling. EVERYWHERE. There are hundreds of them. Maybe I watch a little bit too much CSI or Criminal Minds – but they seem a bit too much like “souvenirs” if you know what I am saying.

It was an old abandoned warehouse that he has FILLED. I was seriously half freaked out, and half wanted to ask for a job {my husband wouldn’t let me LOL}.

Meet David Norton:

This is ALL his collection. Upon meeting him in one of the corners of the warehouse, we struck up a conversation and I asked him if I could take a picture of him for my blog – he insisted that it MUST be of him playing his drums, rushed over and turned on a jazzy bluesy kind of song, and started playing along with the track as I snapped a few photos. He is seriously the NICEST man!

David has SUCH a collection you could NEVER get through it in one day. I want to go back and see what he has in the way of old maps. But I wont be going by myself – anyone care to join me?!?!?


4 thoughts on “{Rampizi Antiques & Collectibles}

  1. Corianne

    Omg, this is the place Paul and I went a couple weeks ago! I said the SAME thing. TOTAL horror movie setting, and so packed you could hardly move – how would you ever run away!? HAHAHA

  2. Alex @ northstory

    OMG I’d never leave!! I came across a store like this this summer and my entire family was waiting outside like “are you done yet?” and I just couldn’t take it all in. This is amazing!


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