{The Office}

So I have been spending a lot more time in my “Home Office” lately, and I am realizing that it needs a boost of… well…. anything really. It isn’t the creative, welcoming, comforting and inspiring place that I want it to be.

Nothing like airing your dirty laundry – THIS is a picture of my current office space. Pitiful. The wooden high chair that is used to catch mail, The frame around the plastic calendar “helps” but I never finished by putting the cork board up so I could pin inspiration up, and the rest of the wall is BARE BARE BARE.

So I spend some time on Pinterest this weekend, looking at some of the different, very lovely, office spaces and pinning them all onto a board right {HERE}.

Here are specifically some of my favorites:




One thing is for sure – they all have a wall collaged with beautiful artwork – things to inspire! So this is going to be my own personal project over the next few weeks, to get this office space more to my liking.

What is something that you have done in your work space that helps you stay creative and inspired? What is that ONE thing that you REALLY like about your “space”?


3 thoughts on “{The Office}

  1. Nancy Holte

    Personally, I really hate my workspace. It’s always cluttered which I’m a little bit too willing to overlook. I want a whole redo of my office, include a more comfortable desk and chair. But, it all seems like too much work. One thing I will suggest for you is those new, very cool, removable picture holders made by 3M. No holes!

  2. Danl DuRall

    perception-of-depth! (or actual depth). it’s sooo important. creative work has a lot to do with extending your mind’s eye beyond the present state and into other ‘spaces’. setting your space up in front of a window, open area, or at the very least, a collage of imagery representing ‘depth’ is essential. setting yourself up in front of a dark, bare wall is like smashing a big, bad, boring brick into the gooey goodness of your creativity.

    think of your creativity as a goldfish; it’s degree of growth is directly proportionate to the size of the space within which it is confined. bigger bowl, bigger fish.

    definitely a fun project, have fun!


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