{Projects Sneak Peek – A Bride and a One Year Old}

Right now I am working on a project for two very different people – a Bride and a One year old!

Amelia turned one yesterday, and her party is later at the end of the month. Her birthday party is inspired by an Ice Cream Social so I wanted to make her something to go along with the theme of her party!

It is a felt Ice Cream Cone matching board. You can play matching games with the colors, you can also teach about the rainbow and how the colors work together. These are just two quick shots I took while I was working, I will post a full post about it when I am done completely. {Probably next week}

B & R get married early October, so I have a bit more time with this project. However there is a lot that is going into it so I have started working on it now {see, I can plan ahead and work ahead SOMETIMES!!!} It can take me a little bit to come up with an idea for a project, but with this wedding I have probably too many ideas!!!

Yesterday I spend a good part of the day “aging” book pages for the Photo Booth. I even took the 2nd stack I had over to my friend Katie’s house and continued to do it there while we got to hang out. {Thanks for letting me use your oven Kate!!!}

Have you ever done this before? I found a TON of websites on how to do it, and ultimately just kind of took the advice from all of them to start, and created my own process as I go. After some trial and error – I found the best was  when I soaked the book pages in brewed coffee {that was cold} for about 10 minutes and then baked them in the oven at 200 degrees for 10-11 minutes.

You can tell the difference for sure. I am “aging” about half of the book right now, I think it will look nice to have some dimension to it.

I just wish I could figure out how to make some of them even DARKER. I tried adding the coffee grounds to the water, I tried brewing the coffee more concentrated, and I tried dying them again a second time after they were dry – ALL with no luck. SO PLEASE – give me your ideas!!!


4 thoughts on “{Projects Sneak Peek – A Bride and a One Year Old}

  1. Holly Mandt

    Lindso. How about soaking them in a second time in a black tea. That will take them a level darker. I suppose I will be assisting you once again when I am there. I will look forward to it


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