{The Hills are Alive…. with the Sound Of Music!!!}

If you are from Washington, then you know that we have been having our three days of summer this week, and although I admit, my tan is coming along quite nicely, I am SO not in love with constantly sweating.

Today was supposed to be the worst, so we decided to get out-of-town, literally, and head up to the mountain to try out my mother’s day present (a hikers/ child carrier back pack). I was excited to see how Zane would do.

We got Zane a pair of Keens, because what else would a pint-sized hiker need?


We had a lot of fun – it was totally gorgeous up on Mt. Rainer, and we made sure to stay hydrated (I think this was Zane’s favorite part).

We did a nice and easy 4 miles¬†just past Shadow Lake just to get used to wearing the pack with a baby in it. I can’t wait to get up on the mountain and do some hiking with Zane again!!!




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