{…..Then the Duet would become a Trio}

They say it goes by so fast.

“make sure to take pictures – capture each moment – it goes so fast – before you know it you will be sending her off to college or walking her down the aisle”

Today, my baby girl turns one. One year old. My first-born. My little miracle. And it went by WAY to fast.

I remember……

……… the moment she was born – the relief and the fear all at the same time – she was here, it was all real. And then, when they placed her on my chest, the love so real it physically hurts. I will never forget that moment.

………. the 2nd night in the hospital when she wouldn’t stop crying and then the nurse came in (after we had tried literally everything) and just turned her a bit to her side and she instantly stopped crying and went to sleep. I remember we looked at each other and FREAKED OUT – can the nurse come home with us tomorrow?

……….. our first family trip to see Mt.St. Helens when Zane was just 5 weeks old. She was SO TINY but such a good little girl.

………… the ACTUAL PAIN I felt (and honestly still feel) when I realized my iPhone was stolen and every picture from my daughters first 3 months of life that I had taken were gone. Gone. I still want to throw up about it.

………..when she had THE WORST hair because everything on the top of her head fell out leaving just a ring of hair around the sides. Oh how we used to laugh at this!

…………Her first Christmas Eve service – she LOVED seeing all the candles light up the auditorium. Our first trip Back to MN for Christmas break – Zane was such a good girl on both flights and we had a BLAST with the family.

…… The first time she stood up in her play pen – and I stopped to take THIS picture before I set her down….ha ha!

….. Zane’s first 5k ever!!! It was so cold, and she was not that happy the last few minutes, but it was an experience to say the least – the first of many races I am sure!

…. Zane’s first Daffodil Parade – who could forget their first!

I could go on… and on…… (Sorry, I kinda did!)

I am thankful for the aunties and uncles that surround our little girl – they say it takes a village to raise a child , and our village ROCKS!

Zane has been the biggest change in my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is funny how you forget about what life was like before. Brandon and I constantly ask ourselves what did we do with all of our time and money?!?! Did we really think we were busy THEN?

We had a great party yesterday celebrating  – and I so look forward to what this next year will be like!

Happy First Birthday Zane! I love you more than I thought humanly possible!!!



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