{Take that First Step}

I saw this picture on a friends Facebook page yesterday and it was such a good reminder for me.

You see, I am a serial planner. A lot of times I like to know the whole plan before we do anything, know that everything has been planned out, everything has been thought through and we will be doing things in the MOST effective way possible BEFORE we start. The problem with that is that a lot of times that means I never start! it can also really hold me back for fear of what will happen.

I have really been working on stepping out, taking that first step and trusting God to have it all worked out even though I may not see where the end will be taking me. I can say this – when you DO take that first step in faith – it is amazing to see what happens!

So what are you waiting for? What is that ONE STEP that you have been holding out on taking for fear of where it would take you?!?



1 thought on “{Take that First Step}

  1. Emily

    I appreciate you sharing this 🙂
    I get where you’re coming from! I have been working on this too, specifically because I don’t want to miss the opportunity to create family memories now that we have our little girl, just because not everything got planned ahead of time. Sometimes the spontaneous things turn out to be the most memorable and fun. Love that! 🙂


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