{Being a Mom has changed me}

Being a mom has changed me.

From the very second they placed Zane on my chest after two hours of pushing {a certain badge of honor I think} I have never been the same. They say you feel love like you have never felt before, and it is so true. It is like a physical pain in your heart – I think that pain is your heart expanding for the NEW love of your life.

I used to hope that being a mom wouldn’t change me. There is so much unknown about “being a mom” and I wasn’t sure I was even cut out for it.  But now, 10 months in, I feel like God places babies in your family, and Zane was meant specifically for me, just like I was meant specifically for my mom. I fully embrace being a mom and all that entails, minus the mom jeans! {so NOT ever going there!}

I am lucky enough to have TWO moms that build me up, encourage me and get me through life – both in two very different ways.

My Mom – Holly Mandt – My mom has given me many things (including a flat butt and expensive taste) but one of the most important things is a sense of trust and confidence. She always believed in me, and still does, even when we make crazy decisions. I can call my mom and talk through anything with her. And I love that. We can just look at each other, and we know. Happy Mothers Day mom – I wish we were together today to hug and eat something naughty!

My MIL – Marsha Stewart – Marsha has accepted me as a daughter for as long as I have known her. A mother in law relationship can be a scary thing but Marsha is THE BEST. I am lucky enough to have a very close relationship with her. She supports Brandon and I in ministry and makes what we do possible. Happy Mothers Day Marsha – I love you!

Being a mom has changed me, but I think it was for the better. It isn’t about being perfect, but it is about knowing what is important and letting the other stuff work it self out.

Happy First Mothers Day to all my new mommy friends!! I love doing life and figuring this mommy thing out with all of you! I am excited for what the future holds – including a new wave of new mommies – Don’t worry – your life will never be the same – but you wont want it to be!!!


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