It will hit you LATE at night, on the train or while you are changing a diaper. Sometimes it is an illusive lady that you have to wait for. One thing is for certain. When you get hit with inspiration, you have to act fast, because it is often fleeting.

I am trying to manage myself and my “inspirations”. I almost feel like a mad hatter most of the time running around with great ideas – getting started and then moving on to the next thing I want to try before I even finish. Honestly Pinterest has not helped me with this. There are SO MANY great receipts/crafts/DYI/outfits/kid ideas that it can often get overwhelming!

So I am looking for some help. What do you do when you get inspired? Do you blog about it? Do you have an inspiration board or a notebook you journal in? How to do you keep track of all your GREAT ideas to make sure that you don’t miss any? TELL ME! Help a sister out!

Currently one of my favorite blogs is Oh Happy Day and I ran across a blog post of hers from a few years back (2010) and saw this great post about inspiration boards {HERE} and was totally inspired! I mean, who doesn’t want a work space that looks like this from Canadian House and Home:

So let me know – what do you do when inspiration strikes!


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