{A project I need some help with}

I have a project I want to start this weekend for my sister – and I want your help. I can’t decide exactly what will look the best…

Bek bought this at the GoodWill for $7.00 a few weeks ago – it is really heavy and ceramic and PERFECT to paint. Not much to look at right now, but with the right color combo, I think we could really make this beautiful.

So – thoughts? What colors should I do? I was thinking maybe a black with gold accents – OR white with a black wash to really bring out the beautiful dimensions? Let me know what YOU would do!


6 thoughts on “{A project I need some help with}

  1. Corianne

    Ooooh… white with black accent would look amazing. I would do that for sure. Gold accent would be too gaudy for me. Maybe even white with silver accents. I think black accent would be best though. LOVE THIS. I wanna go Goodwill Hunting next time you go!

    1. thelittleredhorse Post author

      I am totally a “Goodwill hunting” junkie – {actual shopping, not the movie} – ACtually – you just made me think of a new series I am going to do! THANKS C! Love being in this blog world with you!

  2. Holly

    Hi girls, I like your idea of painting the vase. I might suggest that the whole vase is painted with a soft matte black and then ever so lightly rub the trim around the bottom with silver leaf (you can get that in tubes at the art store), and then around the trim at the top –if that is not enough then you could do a bit of a rub around the edges of a few of the figures in the middle—-trick is going to be to use a light hand——————just a thought——–might look quire sophisticated—–sort of along the line of the “black Lady” lamp that Bek loves so much.

  3. Karri

    It depends on where it’s new home is going to be. If you want it to be a main accent piece, I would go with a bold color. If it’s something that you’d rather be part of an arrangement or more in the background, I like Holly’s suggestion 🙂


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