Happy Hookers – Puyallup Chapter

In the spirit of staying creative and doing new things, my sister Bekah and I went to a beginners crochet class on Saturday morning. We bought a two for the price of one coupon from Living Social (LOVE that website) and thought we should use it. It was at a place in Lakewood called Yorkshire Yarns. We had a great time, mostly because Bekah and I have a great time wherever we go together. We laughed a lot. We learned very quickly that it was not as easy as it looks, however it was even more difficult for Bek because she is left-handed! The instructor was right-handed, but half of the beginner class was also left-handed, so they trained themselves mostly. Here are some pictures from our class:

I learned the 4 different stitches pretty quickly (I have done the single crochet before informally with my best friends mom, so I caught on rather quickly, while Bekah took a tad more time (I blame this on her left-handedness).

We had a TON of fun – took a lot of notes, and we will see what sticks. I am currently practicing every chance I get {Some of my friends like to make fun of me!} At Rosemount Retirement Home in Yelm has a group of ladies that crochet all day names the ‘Happy Hookers’ – Bek and I decided we are going to create our own ‘Happy Hookers – Puyallup Chapter’ and anyone is free to join.

Another first for me was SCREAMING my brains out for my friend Haley Nicholson as she competed in The Miss Pierce County Pageant Saturday Night.  It was her first pageant and she did amazing – catching the hearts of all the girls and winning Miss Congeniality. I couldn’t be more proud of her, and know there is MUCH more to come for her – this is just the beginning!!  I leave you today with a shot that will make you want to skip the pizza for lunch, and hit the gym on the way home….

Make today count!!!


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